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Steam Achievements have a bug?

posted by SmileyBarry on - last edited - Viewed by 480 users
I just completed the game and did all puzzles, including bonus puzzles, and my rank is "Puzzle Agent!". And yet "Rank: Puzzle Agent" remains locked, plus another hidden achievement is locked. Is the rank achievement broken by any chance? (I'm playing on the PC)

(Side-note: I'm assuming the last hidden achievement would be to perfect all puzzles? Though if that's the case I see no reason to have it hidden.)
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  • You not just need to have a "Puzzle Agent!" rank, but also solve all the puzzles with 10 stars.
    The last secret achievement is [SPOILER]for an extra puzzle that unlocks when you get the "Puzzle Agent!" rank with 10 stars on each puzzle.[/SPOILER]
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