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Do you think that Telltale games have too much dialogue?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 536 users
Do you think that Telltale games have too much dialogues? And that would be good to reduce the amount of dialogue and give more "game" instead?
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  • Yikes these are bad results. I haven't played a Telltale game yet that didn't have too much dialogue, although Sam & Max TDP was much more tolerable playing on a PS3 rather than sitting at the computer clicking a new option every 30 seconds.
  • JuntMonkey;524507 said:
    Yikes these are bad results.
    Well... adventure games do tend to be text heavy and that's way people like them.
  • tredlow;520808 said:
    I second this. I thought they finally stopped doing it after TOMI, but I think BTTF started it all over again.
    No, actually I take it back. I recalled some moments in BTTF, and I remember this actually doesn't happen anymore. I remember conversations can change directions depending on your choices (though it always ends the same, of course. But, at least your choices can cause impact towards the conversation.)
  • All the Exposition and the linearity of the whole thing made me give up on BttF. And then there was that thing in Puzzle Agent 2, where you end a conversation and they just tell you where to go and what to do... I really hated that.
  • Often, but only because they tend to use lots of dialogue instead of making decent puzzles. So instead of solving a puzzle by talking to one person then talking to another and then talking to the first person I talked to again, they should, you know, put some actual puzzles in the game.
  • I may be sad but I love expositionary dialogue. The more irrelevant details the better for me!
  • A lot of dialogue is fine by me if it's actually made up of quality content, features good writing, and the game also has other interesting gameplay elements. An example of this - 'The Longest Journey'. This game has a heck of a lot of dialogue (okay, some may say that there was a little too much at some moments in the game), but I liked the way it was written, I liked the way it was spoken and presented by the voice actors, and I liked the fact that there was actually some decent gameplay in between the extensive dialogues.

    'Back to the Future', however...
  • Rather Dashing;520753 said:
    Exposition exposition exposition exposition. Exposition exposition! Exposition exposition exposition. Awkward question?

    Pick one:
    -Sensible reply
    -Awkward reply
    -Hilarious awkward reply


    I'll have to remember that for upcoming episodes of my abridged series! :D
  • I don't think the problem is the amount of dialogue, but the ratio between dialogue and gameplay and the quality of said dialogue.
  • Too many dialogues. Not too much.

    Telltale Text Adventure? Should it be done? Signs point to yes! (Just as a small project for us poor forum folk?)
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