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[SUPER SPOILERS!!!] Problems in understanding the story of Puzzle Agent 2

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Hello everybody!
Since my English is not particularly good, I must admit I've had some difficulties in understanding some parts of the story, so I'll be very grateful to all those who can resolve my doubts.
Here's the list of my main doubts, forgive me if some of them will look silly to you, but I just want to understand this straight! :

1) Was it the government that disposed of Olav, when they realized that the discoveries of the astronomer were enormously powerful?

2) What do the Hidden People have to do with lunacy? Do their whispers cure it, or cause it?

2-bis) What ACTUALLY discovered Olav?

3) Why did Nelson assume that Olav had spoken to the Hidden People?

4) The machine that makes people become lunatics, it was created by the governement: did government base its creation on Olav's research? Is that why they disposed of him? Because they wanted to use his research in a negative way?

5) In the game it is said that during each lunar eclypse, the Hidden People come from the Moon to the Earth. Did I understand correctly?

6) What is the "house" of the Hidden People to which they cannot return, the moon or the place where the astronauts and the government-machine are?

7) The Brotherhood's aim was the one to help the Hidden People. The Hidden People needed someone to destroy the device that prevented them from returning home. So, was Davner locked in the factory by the Brotherhood so that he could think of a way to switch it off without being disturbed?

8) What went wrong during the Hermes II mission? I mean, ok, it was an eclypse, but how did the eclypse interfere with the other 2 astronauts' sanity? Does the government device have something to do with this?

9) Why didn't Mrs Garret want to host Nelson in her inn?

10) All the people who disappeared actually died, killed by the astronauts, right?

11) Bjorn says that the Hidden People are angered, and that the Brotherhood is broken: is it because the other 2 cultists disappeared and were then killed by the astronauts? I mean, did they too try to help them destroy the lunar device but they were caught by the astronauts? Is that why the H. P. are angry? Because no one is able to help them?

12) What happened to Nelson when the Hidden People spoke to him? But most importantly, WHY Nelson thought it necessary to be spoken to by the HIdden People?

13) Did Isaac pretend to die, before or after his mission on the moon?

14) Which of Nelson's discoveries made the government send some agents to Scoggins? Olav's research or the Hermes II? Or neither?

15) What happened to Alfred? He heard some whispers, but was it the Hidden People or the astronauts who attracted him?

16) So, to sum up, the Hidden People are not bad, right? They only need someone to help them. The real bad guys are the astronauts who kill everyone who gets near them (Darrel, the skiier, Korka's partner or Will for example) or who try to help the HIdden People (Bo Murphy, the first cultist). Is that correct?

Thank you in advance for the time you'll give over to me! :)
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  • I didn't think they came with the lander, just that they couldn't go back while the Lunacy Ray was active.
  • Spadge;524413 said:
    Hidden People came from the Moon? Does that mean they came with the Lander? Aren't the Brotherhood and the forest gnome myths older than that? So umm... did the crashed lunar ray trigger the Hidden People on Earth? Because if they can't go near the ray, they probably weren't on the Hermes II? And why did NASA send the Lunar Ray to the Moon in the first place? And where are all the missing people? What happened to the Astronauts? This is just... frustrating.
    I didn't get that the Hidden People came from the moon, but I'm not really sure. Somehow, in some possibly mystical way -- a way that I don't think necessarily needs to be explained -- the lander crash was blocking them from getting home.

    Yes, the Brotherhood revered the myth of forest gnome-spirits long before the current situation with the Hidden People. Did those myths originate from long-ago contact with previous Hidden People? Or was it a coincidence that the Hidden People currently stranded in Scoggins happened to fulfill the existing, unrelated legends? I don't know and, here again, I don't think it actually needs to be answered.

    NASA sent the lunar ray to the moon as a secret weapon.

    The missing people were disposed of by the lunatic astronauts.

    I don't know, but I suspect the government agents who came to Scoggins after learning the whereabouts of the crashed module from Nelson's reports took the lunatic astronauts as part of their coverup.
  • Why did they bring the Lunar Ray to the Moon? I get it's a weapon, but how does bringing it to the Moon help anything? What's the point?
  • To beam lunacy down on the US' enemies.
  • Hidden people definitely didn't came with the lander, since they were helping Olav in Scoggins way before that trip to the moon was made.

    It's suggested that they somehow travel from the moon to earth only during eclipses.
  • Ignatius;524550 said:
    Hidden people definitely didn't came with the lander, since they were helping Olav in Scoggins way before that trip to the moon was made.
    Are you sure -- about that latter part? I thought there was like a year between the time the lander crashed and Olav disappeared, and it was during that time he was trying to communicate with the Hidden People? (Whether they came from the moon or not.) He eventually succeeded in finding out about their problems with crashed lander, went into the woods to find it, and was never heard from again.
    Ignatius;524550 said:
    It's suggested that they somehow travel from the moon to earth only during eclipses.
    The only thing I remember about eclipses is that Alfred found a correlation between them and sightings of the Hidden People in Scoggins. (Was there an eclipse on the day Nelson saw one whispering to Bo Murphy?) But not necessarily that they came from the moon during eclipses. Maybe they just came from out of wherever it is they hid in the forest.

    This is crazy, huh? Figuring out the story is like Puzzle Agent 3. :D
  • I don't know really how much time passed between the crash and Olav dissapearance, but im pretty sure that first he made his discovery (with the help of the hidding people as you can hear on his journal) and after, and based on that, the goverment send a team to the moon.
    Nelson himself said at one point that Olav made his discovery with the help of the hidden people.

    Olav was studying eclipses too (if Alfred could found a correlation between them and sightings, it was because Nelson gave him what he found on Olav's cabin) And if you look at Olav's notes (you can see them briefly after Nelson finish one puzzle) there are drawings connecting the gnomes with the moon (even a drawing of gnomes on the surface of the moon).
    Finally, in the puzzle with Alfred, the pictures clearly show the gnomes jumping from the moon to earth, wich you can argue it was symbolic or something since the puzzle are poorly tied with the argument, but with all the others clues behind i guess that is how it happened.
  • Do you guys have an idea about the whole "Isaac-locked-in-the-factory" affair? I mean... why? Why did they lock him inside the factory? If the Brotherhood wants Isaac to be taken by the Hidden People, they should keep him OUTSIDE an enclosed space! :eek:

    The funny thing is that I had always thought it was the most obvious part of the plot, but all of a sudden I realized it didn't make much sense.
  • I guess because of the new wing being open in the forest zone, it probably coincided with an area populated by the hidden people and Isaac had its first contact with the hidden people right there; so they decided to lock him in so that he could have had more contacts.
  • I've been thinking: in the first puzzle agent Bo Murphy does say "The whispers of the moon crash too loudly"; then, Davner and the other 2 astronauts crashed in Scoggins with the lander: so it is possible that, connecting these two things together, the Hidden People ("the whispers of the moon") "crashed" in Scoggins with the Lunar Lander. But that's just an hypothesis...
    And when Bo Murphy, after saying that, says "clear the path", that could be referring to the necessity of the Hidden People to clear their path home by shutting down the lunar ray...
    And then one last thing: what do you think really happened to Mike Lobb? He wasn't even mentioned in Puzzle Agent 2. Is it possible that the Hidden People whispered to him too, and, while trying to solve a puzzle that would help the H.P. return home, he froze to death?
    And when Mike Lobb says "They tried to take him", is he referring to the Hidden People or to the astronauts?
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