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If a person goes out every night for a drink or two, is that worse than someone who binges heavy on a Friday or Saturday? Are there differences between a person who goes out for a drink or two and someone who stays home and takes a drink or two?
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  • Well, surely the big difference between someone going out and someone staying in is that, a person getting dozed up in his home doesn't embarass himself outside trying to get to home or whatever else he's planning on doing.
  • Yes, if you are drinking daily, no matter how much, that is a bigger issue and is usually a dependency in that case.

    and no, there is no difference between going out or staying in. Some people are social/antisocial, money can be a factor, worrying about travel etc.
  • @Falanca Yeah and putting people at risk if they're putting too many back.

    @Johro I'm debating at the moment about 'social addiction' and whether alcohol is incidental to wanting to go out a lot or if its the main drive.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Define "a drink or two". :D

    Personally, I've seen alcohol addiction in both forms and I am rather sure that the labels "worse" and "better" should not be attributed. There might be more immediate effects with heavy drinking, but you have to consider the danger potential for those other forms of addiction as well.

    Social drinking is a b****. And I state this from a rather unusual perspective, as I haven't been drinking any alcohol for 17 years now (yes, none at all). And whenever I'm in a new crowd and have to make clear that I just plain don't, it doesn't matter much if these people are open minded/tolerant/reasonably or not, I can feel the disappointment. It's as if you said: "You're nice people, but I don't really want to have anything to do with you". Feels weird every time.
  • Vainamoinen;524578 said:
    Define "a drink or two". :D
    I think in the US a standard drink is defined as a beverage containing 0.6 fluid ounces (approximatly 15 grams) of pure alcohol.

    In my opinion, having two of those on a daily base will have negative long term effects on liver metabolism and as a result on metabolism in general.
    The binge drinker will have similar metabolical effects all in all, depending on the lenght of the abstinent interval, and of course the degree of acute intoxication.
    Plus he has a far higher risk of neural damage and asphyxia.
  • Having "a drink or two" don't hurt anyone. Furthermore, doctors recommend a daily glass of wine to somewhat prevent heart diseases.

    Alcohol doesn't hurt unless yor put in your body more than it can metabolize (getting dizzy or drunk) and even that isnt' extremely dangerous on the short term. Of course, in the long term, if you get wasted every night you are to gonna encounter some problems.

    Also, it should be mentioned that everybody (and every body) it's different. A drink or two for someone that never drinks could be too much, but for somenone who is used to it, it's nothing.

    All in all, i think the only difference between a person that drinks in his house and a person that drinks when he goes out, is that this last one is probably having more fun.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I mostly agree. I have nothing against people who drink a glass or two, and I enjoy their company while they do it. Nonetheless, doctors do not recommend that glass of wine because small doses of alcohol would somehow help your body. Grape juice is even more healthy than that "recommended" glass of wine (but people are less likely to drink it ;) ).
  • Iryon;524633 said:
    In my opinion, having two of those on a daily base will have negative long term effects on liver metabolism and as a result on metabolism in general.
    Who are you, and why is your opinion relevant?

    The scientific consensus is that moderate drinkers live longer and suffer fewer health problems than both heavy drinkers and those who abstain from alcohol completely. This is due to the beneficial effect of (moderate amounts of) alcohol on the cardiovascular system.

    Like it or not, but drinking a glass of wine or two a day is a perfectly healthy lifestyle.
  • Soultaker;524659 said:
    Who are you, and why is your opinion relevant?
    Hello, I'm Iryon and my opinion is relevant because this is a forum ;)
  • It really depends on the individual... Not everyone handles addiction or the possibility of addiction the same.
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