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The Golden Anvil - Lore

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In another world, in another time, there is a world sealed off from the world. In this world, surrounded on three sides by the ocean and in the north by a perilous range of mountains, lies the land of Pelagreen. Eternally in bloom, even in the deserts that border its southern shore, Pelagreen's history is rooted in the most ancient of days, in times before times.

Once there was Valence, the Great Dragon, who separated the land from all of the world. He sung the song of creation, and this song was embodied in Pelagreen, which was eternally blessed. Its people captured this song, expressed in the forms of runes, which endowed the materials upon which they were carved with the essence of creation. But none of these devices were greater than the Golden Anvil, upon which the Song of Creation was written.

All weapons fashioned upon the anvil were endowed with the energies of the Great Dragon, Valence. Those who could fashion the song upon weapons were known as Runemasters, but only the greatest of these could wield the great powers of the Golden Anvil. Yet its powers, great and mysterious, remained mostly untouched.

In the east arose the sorcerer Azaz, who began his great war upon the Pelagreen Empire, which encompassed lands north and south, west and to the east, near to the shored though held back by the wizard's black arts. For decades their armies raged upon the borders, each looking to undo the other. Then, in subverting the rules of the conflict, Azaz breached the western front. His servant, the Black Lich, arose in the land of Pelagreen, scouring the land with his minions, searching for the power of the Golden Anvil.

In the remote north, hidden by the Runemasters, it stirred. It could not fend for itself, and had to be preserved against the machinations of Azaz and his dark servant. Its surface sung with the runes of the Song of Creation, and in it was the breath of the Great Dragon, Valence. It had to be preserved, but a weapon had to be forged that could counter Azaz. So was created the great blade, and while it was taken deep into the south, to the hands of the Prince of Pelagreen, the anvil was taken into parts unknown in the far west.
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  • Awesome! Can't wait to play your game. I would have preferred to see the rest of the thread,(All your previous project posts) as it's your project. But, I can't wait for this game.
  • Yeah to be honest I got home late and went on a writing kick. Progress on the game is slow right now because of certain duties but also because I'm happy with the main characters but not the backgrounds. So, I'm working on my digital painting ability.
  • DAISHI;524846 said:
    Azaz breached the western front.
    . . .
    the anvil was taken into parts unknown in the far west.
    Why would they take the anvil to the place where the front was breached? 'Cause it was the last place he'd think to look? ;)

    (They snuck into Azaz's house and hid it in his living room....)
  • Azaz is in the east. Sorry was writing from a mixed perspective. For Azaz it's the western front, but that front is in eastern Pelagreen. For imperial Pelagreen that front is in the east.

    I cop to sloppy writing on that one, I was drunk when I did it :)
  • The Runes embodied the life of the world itself. Each expressed part of the Essence, the unspoken language that formed the basis of all existence. When the world had first been formed, it had been constructed on the basis of the Essence. When the Great Dragon, Valence had separated Pelagreen from the rest of the world, he had torn it into its own corner of the planet by speaking the Essence. It was the language of Valence and the Old Dragons, the ones that had come before all other things. Humans, who had become so abundant in Pelagreen, knew only a fraction of all it encompassed.

    The Runes were inscribed all along the Golden Anvil, and the Head Runemaster himself was renowned for being chief of all humans who could speak and read this language. More than this, all the weapons he forged upon the Golden Anvil were inscribed with the most ancient and powerful of runes, known to him alone. Besides this, the anvil itself endowed the weapons with a bit of the fire of Creation, the same fire that had forged the world.

    But one weapon above all was created, a sword that embodied the spirit of the long vanished king of the dragons, Valence, the creator of the land of Pelagreen. This sword alone could counter the chaos and disorder that Azaz embodied. If Valence embodied creation, Azaz embodied destruction. To the one, his minions were guarded by dark runes that marked out the pattern of destruction. Yet the Black Lich, his chief minion, was the cruelest and most powerful of all his servants. A living shadow, in which floated a single, grinning skull, its forehead burning with a rune of ancient chaos, the Black Lich was undying and untouchable. Its gaze sent men to flight, its voice singing insanity and fear. No man could stand against it, and no weapon could touch it.

    Of all the weapons of the world, only that blade, which embodied all the power of ancient creation, could stand against the lich and its dark master. So it was sent to Prince Baylin, first and only son of the Emperor Dayled of Pelagreen, hero of the eastern front. But it was sent in the hands of an apprentice, and the Black Lich pursued it relentlessly. Unable to ascertain the location of the Golden Anvil, it put all its strength towards obtaining the one weapon in all the world that could destroy it.

    The hands of the least capable were bound to the blade, by accident, or by fate, because the one who grasped it by its grip was bound by ancient power to carry it until its true master could lay hold of it. This became the curse of the boy Kit, whose curiosity carried him into the hidden hall of the Head Runemaster. Protected only by the blade of the crafty Layton, the duo would flee to Imperia, capital of Pelagreen, in the hopes of delivering the blade to Prince Baylin.
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