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Shows you liked that nobody else did

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Was there ever a show you liked that you didn't feel caught on in your circle of friends, maybe one that only you watched? We all know G.I. Joe and Transformers and how popular those were, but was there a show you watched that others didn't?

I'll give you one of my favorite examples.


Ultraman: Towards the Future

About an astronaut on Mars named Jack Shindo who sees a terrifying battle between a gigantic alien named Gudis and a towering cyborg. The cyborg, Ultraman, defeats the alien, which then flees to earth. Since Ultraman cannot tolerate the polluted atmosphere of Earth, he joins with Jack Shindo. Shindo carries a pendant around that he can use to summon Ultraman whenever large aliens threaten the world, which is apparently often.


The show was filmed in Australia and has a cast of mostly Australian actors. The acting is kind of bad but some of them actually pull off a decent part. Shindo himself is an AWFUL actor, but the commander of the human team that defends earth is pretty amazing. There's a narrator who sounds like he's trying to channel Jor-El from the Superman movies, and a pretty rocking soundtrack that's super heroic.

It was good enough to get one of these:

So if you're looking for a cheesy show about a giant robot fighting aliens and promoting environmentalism against a mixed Australian cast with a Jor-El knockoff and a butt kicking soundtrack, this is for you. I only recently started watching old episodes because, amazingly, it's on Hulu.
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