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ACK! Things that have made you want to cry/scream!

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have you ever worked on a project for weeks and then everything went wrong? Have you ever just not been able to a section of a game? Have you ever had something happen that caused you to lose a competition literally right as you were about to win?

this is a thread for people to post the most anticlimactic things that have ever happened to them.

Most recently for me, I started working on this I had spent over a week on it, I had finished the main mechanism, I had checked to make sure it worked, I had also finished Hikoboshi and had attached him to the main box, I tried to turn the crank to make it work, and the inner mechanism broke, A week of extremely tedious work down the drain right as I was almost finished... I didn't even get to see him lift his little hands :( I ended up raging, tearing it in half, wadding it up, and throwing it as hard as I could across the room...
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  • Working on the LOTR Parody... once I had this complicated shot, a ton of greenscreen all around, layer over layers of stuff happening in the shot...

    Worked on that shot for 7 hours straight. No bathroom. No eating. No drink... just focusing to get it just right.
    My program crashed and corrupted the file. Seven hours of work = nothing.

    Now I'm paranoid and I save in 3-5 different files the same shot. :)
  • Blogs that always provoke anger and hate-spewing garbage from death penalty-supporters who always believe in the lies, the spin-doctoring and the "he said, she said" nonsense which they believe to be true, and who always insult people on death row and those who are executed, even though they may be innocent. Even these death penalty-supporting yahoos only care for victims' families who only want their "perpetrators" punished by death while ignoring the pleas of the families of death row inmates! They TRULY make me want to scream and cry! :(
  • Davies;522143 said:
    Having no mouth... that makes me want to scream
    I see what you did thaaaar.

    Anyway lots of things have. Drawing something on photoshop thinking wow this is the best thing I've drawn yet! Nothing can go wrong *blue screen* OH GOD I'LL MURDER THIS PC! Luckly since then I've gotten a new PC that doesn't do that. Lesson learned, save often or your art may suffer.
  • People. Especially on the internet. Of all kinds. Stupid people, smart people, they all make me want to punch them in the face.
  • Years ago I was working on the translation for a graphic novel. I didn't have a transcript so I started by typing all the balloons, etc. Then translating.
    I worked on many, many pages and then my computer just crashed and I lost everything that was on it. At the time I didn't have a back-up, and I lost not only the translation so far, but the whole transcript too.

    It was the most infuriating thing.

    I've had to start over or undo and redo stuff when knitting a lot, which is always chronophagous. On top of that you often end up losing the yarn in the process because it gets damaged and the result wouldn't be as good if you re-used it afterwards.

    I have typed thoughtful posts only to see them disappear forever in the Internet void. I always wonder what exactly gets lost in the second version. Maybe the second time around is actually better, but I have no way to know for sure so it's frustrating.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

    I have listed most recent things that really got me frustrated in humanity (recent in ONLY today) but if I got to list more things I'd be sitting here typing all day.
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    Profanity BANNED
    When I was writing this post, and forgot what I wanted to write about.

    Man, that was harsh.
  • Invader Zim fanfiction. Not ONE single fic I could find was true to the show AT ALL.
  • working forever on a final project for school that was worth like 30% of my grade working everything out trying to get it to look perfect when a day before it was due the computer erased everything. (i failed the class)
  • Been working on upgrading my Arcade machine for weeks, and the day after the current level of upgrades were complete, my cat decides to investigate, and since my old man foolishly didn't put the computer back in properly, the PC fell out of the cabinet!

    I was upset for most of the day, but fortunately, the PC was fine, and the reason it didn't power up is that the button was disconnected.
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