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Sam & Max Surfin the Highway - Now Shipping!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 17.3K users

Hey gang,

Starting today we're finally taking orders for the all-new reprinted Surfin the Highway! You can get a bit more information on the store page.

There will be a limited-edition, signed hardcover version (as suspected by basically everyone), but we haven't got many details this very second, other than "it will be extremely awesome." I'll try and fill you guys in in the near future.

We just got a couple sample copies of the paperback delivered to the office a few minutes ago, and we will be posting pictures in this thread and on the store page in just a bit. (Note for now: The paperback version came out excellent! The cover has some embossing and spot-varnished elements and they came off the press looking beautiful. I'm damn proud of how it came out... and am now leaving my computer to go post some pictures!)

Also, if you're going to WonderCon, be sure to come by our booth and check out the book! Steve Purcell will be there for part of the day Sunday to do signings!
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  • Yep, as stated on the store page, any merchandise in an order with the hardcover will be held until the hardcover is available. Sorry. :(

    (But I agree, after waiting all these years, what's another month or two? It's going to be worth it!)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Also, I forgot to mention this in the original post, but Emily has posted an excellent "making of"-type blog ... in the blog! Check it out!

  • So is there a planned date for the hardcover release or, and I hate to quote 3DRealms and jinx us all, is "When it's done"?
  • Once the DVD is available, and if the books haven't shipped by then, will we be able to merge orders to save on shipping costs (to the UK)?
    Unfortunately not, but we expect the hardcover to be available before the DVD, anyway.

    Also something for non-US customers to be aware of is that you may be charged import taxes when the package arrives in your country. (For some reason I don't entirely understand, we can charge VAT on downloadable goods but not physical goods.) Usually this is not a problem because most of the stuff in our store has a lower value than the value at which customs charges start being applied, but if you're planning to buy a bunch of stuff and especially if you're getting the hardcover, please look into your country's import laws first so you won't have an unexpected surprise.
    So is there a planned date for the hardcover release or, and I hate to quote 3DRealms and jinx us all, is "When it's done"?
    If there were, we would have said so. :p The interior pages were already printed and we are working on the covers now, but there are logistically a lot of things that need to happen before they'll be done, and we don't want to announce a date we're not sure of. (As an aside - there's a whole other story about the hardcover that I didn't even get into in that blog... maybe another time. ;))
  • If I'm getting the book for free (thanks again :) ) including the tax shipping, do I have to order it as well or do you have a list of the contest winners so you can send it to them? :confused:

    btw: the book looks awesome! great job
  • Nope, you don't need to order it.
  • I like the look of the badge on the back cover of the book.
  • Hardcover ordered! And although anticipation is high, I still reckon it'll be worth the (extra) wait.
  • Drat. If I'm reading the dutch import tax laws correctly, I'd have to keep the package value below €22 to avoid import tax. That rules out any combined shipping.
    (When) do you expect it to hit bookstores? I'm considering waiting to get it at my friendly local book importer.
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