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Your Favourite Jokes

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A thread to post your favourite jokes.

Here's mine (I hope it's not too Risqué for this forum)...

A woman goes to her local market and walks over to a merchant who is selling Magic Penises! The woman asks the vendor 'what on Earth is a "Magic Penis"?' The vendor replies by saying 'It's simple, you start out by saying 'Magic Penis' followed by a request and it will carry out said request".

The woman is dubious of the merchant's grand claims but decides to buy one anyway. She arrives back home and says 'Magic Penis, do the washing up" and to her absolute amazement, the wonderful member carries out the task. Next she requests 'Magic Penis, do my tax returns' and once again the little fellow obliges. Naturally she then demands 'Magic Penis, make wonderful love to me' and so it does.

Later that day, the woman's hired gardener sees her with the marvelous contraption and enquires 'what in the heck is that thing?!', to which the woman responds 'why, it's a Magic Penis' and the gardener replies 'Magic Penis my ass'.
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