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Who Are Your Favourite Forum Members?

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Which of the peeps who frequent this haunt do you admire and why? Maybe they inspire you in some way. Maybe they make you think or laugh. Whatever the reason my be, this is the place to gush over your fellow forumites...

Personally, I've always admired Silverwolfpet for his endless enthusiasm and creativity. He's shown me that a with enough effort and time, you can achieve great things.

I also have to mention Secret Fawful because I truly respect the fact that he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to do so. I'm the same and I know that being that way can sometimes land you in hot water. So all the more power to him for sticking to his guns. Also, he's got a wicked sense of humour.
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  • Threads like this are bound to make things awkward.

    edit: like how it was awkward for me to totally forget to put the people i like.

    I guess I like all the folks I've gone to become friends with outside the forums. Especially the likes of Rather Dashing, Puzzlebox, Guru, Fawful, and Icedhope. Those duder's friendships mean a lot to me.
  • Giant Tope;526221 said:
    Threads like this are bound to make things awkward.
    Really? I thought it was a nice idea. :( I guess we'll see how other peeps feel about it.
  • Rather Dashing is cool because he's opinionated and isn't ashamed of it. Everyone else is cool too. Except tomp.
  • i guess im just always afraid id forget someone

    i love you all, i guess.

    not equally though
  • ShaggE always makes me chortle. Can't stand him in person, though. Dude keeps laughing at cans of food and he sometimes starts sentences with "dude", which really gets my goat, even if he swears its done ironically. Also, he does things ironically. Damn hipster.

    Know what? I take it back. ShaggE is pretty awful.
  • dude, at least you're not from portland. the moment i tell people that nowadays, they think im the king of the hipsters.

    well, unless you are from portland. in that case, we should meet up sometime.
  • Haha, nope, I'm on the other side of the country, in wee ol' PA. Surprising amount of hipsters here too, even though PA, like, totally sold out when Live formed.
  • When I saw this thread, I came up with a list. Then I realized I forgot some people. So I wrote another one. Still missed some. Sooo...yeah. I'll just say that unless I say explicitly otherwise, I think pretty much everyone here is pretty cool.
  • Every member has their own positive qualities and unique elements that greatly add to any discussion topic.

    /end neutral answer
  • One of the forums I used to frequent had a bug that would automatically refer to the person reading it given some code, so whenever a thread like this came up people would always say that.
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