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[BTTF] episodes 4 and 5 not working, any help?

posted by rickyq011 on - last edited - Viewed by 187 users
i have recently bought back to the future the game and beat episode 3. i immediatly went to episode 4 and had a little problem. well, actually, a very big problem. i opened episode 4 and the little loading flux capacitor thing showed up for about maybe a second when it decided to close, i tried opening it again and it still wouldn't work. i then went to episode 5 and it did the same thing. i then went to steam and uninstalled them and re-installed them. didn't work. i then went into steam and uninstalled a bunch of games i didn't play at all for about the past few months. didn't work. i really want to keep going in the story and figure out what happens to marty, doc, biff, young doc, edna, and einstein. thanks for reading this and if you can help me it would be very much appreciated.
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  • 1. Have you tried running it as an administrator? (Right click desktop icon and click the option)
    2. Are you using the proper launcher? (Episode Four Launcher for episode four, five for five etc.)
    3. Did you make sure you have enough memory for the two episodes?
    4. PC or Mac?
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