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Who Are Your Favourite Forum Members?

posted by Davies on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
Which of the peeps who frequent this haunt do you admire and why? Maybe they inspire you in some way. Maybe they make you think or laugh. Whatever the reason my be, this is the place to gush over your fellow forumites...

Personally, I've always admired Silverwolfpet for his endless enthusiasm and creativity. He's shown me that a with enough effort and time, you can achieve great things.

I also have to mention Secret Fawful because I truly respect the fact that he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to do so. I'm the same and I know that being that way can sometimes land you in hot water. So all the more power to him for sticking to his guns. Also, he's got a wicked sense of humour.
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  • Ribs;526284 said:
    One of the forums I used to frequent had a bug that would automatically refer to the person reading it given some code, so whenever a thread like this came up people would always say that.
    I freaked right the hell out the first time I saw that, especially since I was a lurker.

    "When exactly did I become not only famous, but universally reviled?" :p
  • DrRocketGenius;526286 said:
    I love them all. :3

    sounds familiar
    Whenever someone says that, it reminds me of this, one of the most depressing finales ever.
  • My thoughts after seeing this thread title...

    "Me... I bet no one even mentioned me, the [enter foul name here]! Well goddammit! I'm gonna go start the Tom love!"
    Ribs;526224 said:
    Rather Dashing is cool because he's opinionated and isn't ashamed of it. Everyone else is cool too. Except tomp.
    *sniff* At least I was mentioned... *sob weep cry*
  • You know what? Everyone on here, who has lasted, has had their moments. Good and bad. Just when I'm starting to particularly dislike someone, they redeem themselves.

    I'm a movie fan and have strong cinematic opinions. Unfortunately, that single criteria weighs in heavily. If you have a similar taste in movies as myself or love/hate certain movies for the same reasons, you get added respect and favouritism on my part :P I didn't say I wasn't biased.
  • TomPravetz is a bro.
  • I came here to vote for myself but soon realized that i cannot possibly run a campaign like that. I will run an honest campaign! So i came here to extend my hand of friendship to you all and win voters the old fashion way!


    (and to those of you in other countries just replace the flag with your own)
  • Myself, because I'm an egotistical piece of shit.
  • Secret Fawful;526312 said:
    Well played, Fawful. Just for today, you're my favorite.
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