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Who wants a 'score system'?

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So most of the KQ games, even MOE had point systems (6631364 total points, for the most points in a KQ game!). The only exception to the series was KQ7.

Most games gave you the points out of total as went through the game, KQ8 only showed you the points out of total once you finished the game.

Do you want a point system in the new game?

Btw, I seriously would love to see a point list for MOE. ;)
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  • Yeah, that'd be great, and very easy to implement.
  • I'd say no, but since I've already advocated a "no dead ends" policy in which alternative methods could be used in exchange for a lesser score, then I am bound to say yes.
  • Sure. If something like a score value is "too hardcore" then maybe something that reflects the same type of "completeness meter".
  • kQ7 had a completeness meter didn't it? Showing you how much progress between chapters? Or was that only in version 2.0 or better?
  • When I say a "completeness meter" I mean something that doesn't just track your progress but gauges how well you're playing the game vs how best to play it. A progress bar is nothing more than that...a progress bar. What I meant was that if numbers are too oldschool for people as a score system, then something other than numbers (but which still shows the difference between the best solutions vs not-so-best solutions) may be welcome.
  • What if at the end it hinted at the puzzles you could have done better on?
  • So are you talking about something along the lines of the IQ (Indy Quotient) system in the two Indy Graphical Adventures (especially in Fate of Atlantis)? That gives you a score for various actions and choices based on more intelligent approach, neutral approach, or more action approach to solving puzzles?

    There was no 'perfect' score essentially, just different ways to get to the end.

    Or maybe something along the lines of the light/darkness meters in many of the Bioware games (but in this case, it wouldn't lead to evil or good endings?). So it gives the player an indication which direction their puzzle solving choices are going, but there is no right or wrong way to play the game?

    Granted that might go against the grain where the older KQ games punished you for making poor/negative choices, as opposed the more rightous choices.

    Personally I'd rather have the old school point system for nostalgia sake, its very Sierra, very King's Quest.

    I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the lack of a point system (the replacement with the progress bar was a poor substitute) was one of several things left out of/changed by KQ7, that made it feel more detached from the previous games to me.
  • No, I'm definitely talking about preserving the differences between poor/negative choices and the best choices.
  • Well if the game goes up on steam which it inevitably will, I'd say achievements would be a great way to implement a scoring system.
    However, it could never get into enough detail that a number score could.
    So err, I'm undecided. If a number score is used, than great! But if an achievement type score is used, I'd still be happy with that.
    But in saying that, I've never played a TT game through Steam except for PNatI, so. I vote for good ol' numbers.
  • Getting 'full points' should give one of achievements. Why have one system or the other, why not both?
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