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Who wants a 'score system'?

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So most of the KQ games, even MOE had point systems (6631364 total points, for the most points in a KQ game!). The only exception to the series was KQ7.

Most games gave you the points out of total as went through the game, KQ8 only showed you the points out of total once you finished the game.

Do you want a point system in the new game?

Btw, I seriously would love to see a point list for MOE. ;)
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  • I don't think any of Telltale's adventure games have achievements on Steam? They've had some on PSN, but I'm not sure about anywhere else.

    Anyway, it's difficult for me to think about a points system independently of what to me is a more important issue: What, if anything, is Telltale going to do to make this game more challenging than their usual fare, for those old-school players who relished KQ games in part because they were challenging.

    Alternative puzzle solutions in which only one is optimal is a good way to increase a game's difficulty, but it's not something Telltale has done much (if at all?) in their past games. So I would say if they're going to design KQ with alternate solutions, they ought to just go ahead and include a points system like the old games. Another thing that can be done to add difficulty is optional sections or puzzles. In that case either a points system or achievements would work for keeping track.

    The thing about achievements, though, is that sometimes they're just silly and don't add anything substantial to a game. While this is fun for some games, I'm not sure it would be appropriate for King's Quest. "Ring the Elves' doorbell three times and hide." I mean, yuck. Adding silly achievements to an easy KQ game would be insulting. A points systems could be perverted for such silliness as well, so I would only vote in favor of one if it was being used in support of a challenging game.
  • Achievements are pointless optional bonus activities one can perform in a game. A score system should encourage the player to play better and explore and interact with more of the world. They shouldn't be interchangeable.
  • The problem is that the old Sierra score system sort of rewarded you for doing things in the best possible way, or doing things you didn't -have- to do. I can't think of a whole lot of similarities in most Telltale games. How many TTG puzzles have more then one solution? How many episodes had something totally optional to find or do? I think the entirety of Back to the Future had "algae cakes" as the only optional thing.
  • Kinda depends on the Sierra game, most of the early ones had dead ends, poor choices, ways of losing points for using items improperly/losing items.

    Some of the later stuff had points but less of the optional solutions. Most Sierra IPs maintained the point systems to their last games, space quest 6, Gabriel knight 3, and iirc even QFG 5.

    As mentioned even KQ8 used a variation of the point system, though it's unclear how many points you earn for various actions.

    GK2 and GK3 didn't so much have optional puzzle solutions, rather if was possible to miss clues or cutscenes if you weren't at the right place at the right time.

    But in general point system was part of the whole Sierra game experience. To lose it would be to lose much of what being a Sierra game was meant to be.

    There are very few examples of Sierra games that didn't have some variation on the Sierra point system (actually I think the point system goes back to Infocom's text adventures). KQ7 and Phantasmagoria off the top of my head. The latter had some major optional stuff without any indication that a more extended solution to the final chapter exists!p
  • MusicallyInspired;526907 said:
    Achievements are pointless optional bonus activities one can perform in a game. A score system should encourage the player to play better and explore and interact with more of the world. They shouldn't be interchangeable.
    What is the difference between doing all achievements and getting maximum score, if the achievements are done right?

    I liked the system in StrongBad. It also had kind of a score system rewarding players with trophies and bonus costumes.
  • I just described the difference. If you didn't get full points in an old Sierra adventure game it was like you didn't really complete the whole game. Achievements are just stupid little add-on things to perform that have nothing to do with the story in any way to cater to people who like to show off their list of trophies and accomplishments.
  • I think kq needs the point system. SQ6 and LSL 7 (released around the same time) had it and it made the games more likely to be replayed.
  • I would LOVE a Score System! :D
  • I would say that a score system is necessary for a "real" KQ game, i.e. one in the vein of KQ1-6, but not so much if TTG makes a game more like their previous offerings. As has been said, the point of the scoring system was to indicate good actions where there was more than one possibility. In most TTG games, there is only one solution. So yeah, it would be cool if they had one, but it would also be superfluous unless there were less-than ideal solutions, or actions that were simply mistakes.
  • It's also a good replay-motivator
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