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Explain Your Avatar (Nothing To Do With James Cameron)

posted by Davies on - last edited - Viewed by 3.5K users
Why did you choose the avatar you use for this forum? Is there a reason that's close to your heart? Or perhaps there's a more frivolous reason? Or perchance a sinister motivation, with an eye to world domination?

Come one, come all and share...

I think that my avatar is reasonably self explanatory, so I'll leave this question to the rest of you fellow forumites...

EDIT: Seeming as people frequently change their avatar, it may be prudent to post an image of the avatar to which your referring within your post (lest a situation occur where you've stated that you use the avatar you do due to fancying that person, only for late comers to glance over and see an image of a baby or worse still; Sarah Palin)!
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