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Lucas Arts Should buy Telltale

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what do you think?
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  • "In mother russia, LucasArts no buy TellTale, TellTale buy LucasArts"
  • jannar85;335407 said:
    Telltale does pretty good on its own... So no thank you :)
    Brilliant, I almost agree. I don't expect anything that great from them in the near future at least...
  • Hayden;334007 said:
    Yes, but money had already gone into the game and development was well past the half-way point. If money had already been spent on the game, why not just finish the damned thing off? And I can assure you that the game would have been more successful than 'Grim Fandango', because 'Freelance Police' was a sequel of an already loved game while 'Grim Fandango' was a completely new game and concept.
    While I hate to defend LucasArts it is worth pointing out that the sales of Escape from Monkey Island were also pretty lackluster and there isn't a more beloved Adventure game franchise than Monkey Island; so while you could say Freelance Police could have been more successful than Grim Fandango there are no guarantees it would have been a hit.

    It is however feasible that had it garnered good reviews from critics and positive word of mouth from fans that it could have turned around the disturbing trend of declining Adventure games sales at that time, but now we'll never know because LucasArts canned it.
  • if lucas arts brought telltale they would make them make a game about the guybrush costume in force unleashed 2 just because its something star wars

    lol just kidding
  • jermy52;333812 said:
    Why does everyone hate Lucas Arts now?
    I like LucasArts. But Telltale is fine the way they are. One of the main reasons I love them is 'cause they are able to all be one big happy family with no jedis.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Just a reminder that no one has answered to this thread in a year. Thank you, that is all.
  • Ghuh Ghuh Ghuh GHOST THREAD!
  • Vainamoinen;527364 said:
    Just a reminder that no one has answered to this thread in a year. Thank you, that is all.
    Oh hey... Look at that. I got tricked into continuing the necro! God have mercy on my soul!
  • are you guys just going through old threads and responding to them? This thread has been inactive for over a year. Why bring it up again?
  • If you have something good to add to the thread, I don't see why its age would matter.

    Also, no, I don't want LucasArts to buy Telltale.
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