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I think I have a Broken GPU

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I'm using a Geforce 8800GT, it's about 4 years old.

Since I played Episode 2 of BTTF the game, at least once or twice while playing the game I have noticed some kind of distortion during at least some portion of the game. By distortion I mean flashes of black textures, stuttering in gameplay (which even will go to the menu if I quit to menu). Usually I could recover out of this problem and restart the game and the problem usually wouldn't come back until I finished the game. I don't really play games on my PC anymore, the only PC games I've played in the past several months has been the BTTF games as they came out.

Last night as I was playing I had no problems whatsoever. Then my room started to heat up as (what I'm assuming) the finale started to run and Doc' speech stuttered while the screen distorted. I quit the game, replayed the puzzle and triggered the finale again, as I hit the autosave the game crashed and I mean SNOW CRASHED and the screen flickered black, forcing me again to alt tab out of the game.

As I alt-tabbed out of the game to force quit windows informed me the geforce driver had just recovered. That driver ALWAYS has windows problems when you have hardware failure.

Anyone else have stuttering problems with the game or do I indeed need to go shopping for a new GPU?
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  • I also get this problem, I believe it to be related to the current Nividia Drivers 275.33.

    I using a GTX-275 & I've had this problem with a couple of other games.
    I've heard rolling back to previous drivers fixes it?

    I get it only during cutscenes?

    However, it never happened once with the first episode?
  • I played through all of episode 6 on a different computer using a geforce 9400 and the same driver and had no problems with it (I did have all settings set to low though, lol), I honestly think it's hardware failure, I mean, I know what hw failure of a gpu looks like and it's...that.

    I yanked the card and am running onboard until I can afford a replacement. Probably a 460 or 560.
  • I'm having that problem for the first time after I've played the game through all the episodes, and I'm now on Episode 4. After young Emett arrives at the expo, when I talk to the first person (anyone), that exact problem is triggered. Sometimes I get a BSOD. But rebooting doesn't solve it.

    I'll try to update the video drivers and see what happens. :)

    EDIT: No luck, same problem after updating to last version. I think my videocard is dying.
  • Installed it on my new laptop (that has Geforce 310M) and it ran without a problem. :)
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