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If BTTF is a hit, Quantum Leap next?

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After all, both series are owned by Universal.

And same as BTTF, the stars are still alive today!
(And since they're not MASSIVELY big names, not costly to hire for V.O!)

AND both were great character driven shows!

Screw the rumoured remake of LEAP into a movie, we need it continued RIGHT!

Ball's in your court Telltale.
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  • It's such a shame that Quantum Leap was cancelled when it was. Donald Bellisario has stated that he planned for season 6 to represent a big change in the leaps that Sam would encounter (the barman in the last episode says something to the effect of "things are going to get a lot tougher from here on out).

    Sam was going to start leaping to the distant past (for example, the Wild West and Medieval Times), Bellisario also talked of an episode where Sam would strangely leap into a cartoon. It could have been amazing, though I imagine the budget would have had to be increased considerably.
  • I'd just like to throw in a resounding "YES" vote and I'm very happy to see someone propose this/ :P
  • Hey all,

    I've been watching Quantum Leap recently and remembered that according to the last episode "Sam never returned home". Now I remember people didn't like this. Sam was a nice guy and deserved to return home.

    Now a game might be a good idea to allow him to do so. He fixed Al's life so you could have a new Hologram Assistant and you could leap at the end of each "Episode" into a new one. Each leap could be in a different location and time to avoid it feeling too same-y and he could slowly change things that allow him to return home.

    I would love to see this happen and maybe even if you didn't leap as Sam but his son or something and had to find Sam somewhere in time to bring him home.

    Just a thought. Any fans that agree?

    Cheers for reading. :)
  • oh yeh! nice one! cheers!
  • corruptbiggins;527809 said:
    The beauty of Sliders is that there is an infinite amount of alternative dimensions that they could draw from. Who says they'd have to use the Earth Prime characters. Hell, they could just ignore say the last 3 seasons and base it on the original premise and what actually made the show good.
    I was going to say much the same. That's the great thing about Sci-Fi; you can always write yourself out of a corner.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Davies;527919 said:
    I was going to say much the same. That's the great thing about Sci-Fi; you can always write yourself out of a corner.
    ...and the really bad writers often have to. All hail Deus Ex Machina. ;)
  • god i haven't seen these shows in forever. O.O i may have to rewatch them now.

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