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What sort of beauty is the most significant

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Well, define significant, yes yes. That's your job to respond to a philosophical question. But, I didn't think this was strange enough to be in my musing thread where it would be mostly ignored. :)

Define beauty, yes yes, try me, i'm open.
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  • It's a really subjective idea... In other words, it has as many definitions as people on Earth.
  • My own opinion is that true beauty comes from within.

    I've known a fair few people who were conventionally attractive from a physical perspective but I found them to be ugly due to them being nasty little S.O.B.'s. Equally I've found the opposite to be true; I've had a couple of girlfriends who I didn't initially find attractive but as I came to realize that they were thoughtful and kind women; I found them to be beautiful (including physically due to my association between their physical form and their wonderful personality).
  • It is the beauty that one feels with the heart.
  • Imperfection. Physical and emotional. I'm hopelessly attracted to "damaged" women. There's a kinship there that simple common interests and physical desire can't match. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever dated anybody without a major emotional disorder.

    I think a part of it is admiration. The strength to deal with that sort of thing is no small feat.
  • Only you are truly beautiful doodo!
  • There is beauty in compatibility... without it all else will fail over time.
  • der_ketzer;527955 said:
    Only you are truly beautiful doodo!
  • Irishmile;528003 said:
    There is beauty in compatibility... without it all else will fail over time.
    I like this.

    Oh, and why are people teasing me. Do I really come off that conceited? Oh well, maybe I am.

    Thanks for sharing everyone.
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