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    The only thing I still don't understand is how did Tethers recognize the song (and where did it come from to begin with?) that was played on the astronomer's tape recorder as something he heard when one of The Hidden People was whispering in that guy's ear in the alley outside the inn.
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    Dunno if this was already mentioned but the song played to call the hidden people come from here.
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    I kind of wonder if Tethers might try to go back and hook up with Korka at some point in the future. He took off thinking she was some kind of nutcase, but she was entirely correct about Bigfoot existing - it's unclear if human/bigfoot hybrids exist though.
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    This is what I was able to make of it:
    Olav Welhaven was able to summon the Hidden People using a melody so that he could study them; from doing so, he was able to create a formula showing the link between insanity and the phases of the moon. Olav sends his findings to NASA and other organisations, who then conduct the secret Hermes II operation in which Ed Davis and several other astronauts are ordered to plant a 'lunar ray' on the surface of the Moon. However, the mission goes awry when two of the astronauts are caught in a lunar eclipse, causing them to go completely insane. As a result, the Hermes II team flee with the ray still attached to the lander, and they crash land in Scoggins, right on top of the Hidden People's home. The lunar ray forms a barrier around the area, forcing the Hidden People away and into Sasimy Woods. Ed Davis, who had managed to escape from the crashed lander with both his life and sanity, forged the new identity of Isaac Davner in order to leave his past behind and start a new life, allowing him to live peacefully for some time by heading the eraser factory and settling down with Glori. However, Isaac begins to experience nightmares in which he is contacted by the astronauts, who are trying to tell him something. Bjorn, leader of the Brotherhood, offers to take Isaac in so that they can cure him, but the Hidden People are aware that he was involved in the Hermes II operation and so they 'choose' him, prompting the Brotherhood to lock him inside the eraser factory so that nobody can intervene with the Hidden People's plans. In response to Isaac's disappearance, Nelson Tethers of the FBI is dispatched to work on the case after experiencing his own nightmare involving an astronaut. As Tethers begins to find out more about the strange goings-on in Scoggins, Glori, believing that Isaac is still in safe hands with the Brotherhood, attempts to sabotage him by drowning him in Lake Svenz, but he escapes and pursues her to the eraser factory, where he sees her feeding the Hidden People. After receiving a blow to the head while running from a group of Hidden People, Tethers experiences another dream in which he sees an insane Isaac inside some form of spacecraft (presumably the lander). He then awakens in the Brotherhood lodge and, after retrieving the key to the factory from Bjorn, is able to break in and find Isaac. However, the Hidden People rush in and steal Isaac away into the forest before Tethers can get him out. Isaac is taken to the crashed lander, and realises that the Hidden People want him to dispose of the lunar ray, but is unable to do so and flees back into the woods. Meanwhile, having apparently realised the connection between the Scoggins case and the Hermes II operation, the FBI marks the unresolved case as closed in an attempt to pull Tethers out of Scoggins before he learns too much. The astronauts in Sasimy Woods begin murdering people and using them as meat. Unable to let go of the mystery, Tethers returns to Scoggins to solve the case, at first receiving some hostility from Martha Garret, owner of Valda's Inn. Tethers soon experiences another astronaut nightmare. Once again, he works his way around Scoggins in an attempt to learn more about not only Isaac and the Hidden People, but also the increasing number of disappearing residents. Glori, who has lost her faith in the Brotherhood, decides to aid Tethers rather than opposing him, believing that Bjorn has been taking people for his own sinister purposes. However, it becomes apparent that neither Bjorn nor the Hidden People are behind the disappearances. Tethers comes across Olav's research cabin and shows its contents to Alfred Versteckt, who uses it to pinpoint the Hidden People's home - directly beneath the crashed lander. Tethers is attacked and sedated by the two lunatic astronauts, but wakes up in his bed the next morning. The FBI learns about Tethers' findings through Jim Ingraham, his colleague, and dispatch a large number of enigmatic agents (possibly the Men in Black) to 'clear up' Scoggins. Still working on the case despite being warned by Director Jennings to stay away, Tethers meets Isaac in the woods, who explains his story involving the Hermes II and the Hidden People and recruits Tethers to help him in investigating the lunar ray. However, the agents get to the lander first and prevent them from reaching the ray. Tethers receives a call from Ingraham and learns that Olav had been summoning the Hidden People; he heads back to the research cabin and conducts the same process. However, one of them whispers in his ear, causing him to go insane like many of the other Scoggins residents. He dreams that he is in space, surrounded by the Hidden People in the light of the Moon. He then awakens back at the lander and is able to sabotage the lunar ray before the agents can intervene, causing it to go haywire and turn some of the agents into lunatics. Tethers then rushes towards Lake Svenz with the ray while the Hidden People are finally able to return home. Tethers is assisted by the Sasquatch in sinking the ray, ending its reign of lunacy over Scoggins.

    And then these are the things that I don't get:
    Why did Tethers dream of the astronauts? Perhaps the dreams are induced by the lunar ray, but in that case why would the first dream come before he ever went to Scoggins? And what was it that the astronauts were trying to tell people in their dreams? Also, what was the purpose of the dream where Tethers met the insane Isaac in the spacecraft? After Isaac was taken back to the lander by the Hidden People, why did he decide to sit around in Sasimy Woods for ages rather than returning home to find Glori? Why did Martha Garret attempt to repel Tethers when he first returned to Scoggins? Regarding the melody that Olav used to summon the Hidden People, what did this have to do with Bo Murphy? When did he ever play the tune? After the astronauts sedated Tethers, why did he wake up back at Valda's Inn? Where did the astronauts go after the agents arrived? Were they arrested? Killed? And finally, the most important question, which consists of several smaller questions: what did space actually have to do with ANYTHING? Why did NASA attempt to plant the ray on the Moon in the first place? Was NASA actually attempting to do something to the Hidden People? If so, why wouldn't they just plant the ray in Scoggins, where it ended up anyway? Why did the ray cause people to go insane? Why did Tethers dream that he was in space after the Hidden People spoke to him? And how did he suddenly regain his sanity after sinking the ray, despite being turned insane by the Hidden People?
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