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1-Up provides Suggestions for Telltale Franchises.

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The brain geniuses over at 1-Up have apparently run out of good ideas, so they have posted a list of franchises they'd like to see from Telltale.

The list can be found here.

My Commentary on their picks.

The Goonies: I've never seen the movie, and I don't know anybody who has especially fond memories of it, so why would Telltale release a game based on a non-existant franchise?

MacGyver:Seriously? MacGyver? The man can make anything happen with seemingly mundane objects. Do you relly think that the average gamer has the puzzle-solving skill of Richard Dean Anderson?

Beavis and Butthead: No. Just... no. No way. Nu-uh. No-ho-ho-ho no. No.

Raymond Chandler's Detective Stories: Why specifically Raymond Chandler? Why not Agatha Christie, or more obviously Sherlock Holmes? What possible reason is there to highlight the man who once said "When in doubt, have a man with a gun bust in"?

Maniac Mansion: Well, I may agree with this one, but frankly, it should have been too obvious.
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  • DAISHI;528074 said:
    No joke! They must have had tens of miles of underground expanse sitting beneath them. And how they managed the hordes of monsters, I'll never know.

    What's even scarier? The teems of squatters that made their homes in those caves. Like the Old Woman and Eskimo.
    And despite all the crazy, it still felt sort of Goonies-ish. Or maybe it was just me, desperately wanting it to be Goonies-ish. Ah whatever. I'm now gonna go watch the movie on Blu-Ray, and then play the game right after. :cool:
  • StrongBrush1;527762 said:
    I've only seen bits and pieces of The Goonies, so I won't judge the movies.

    By the way, I'm stealing that picture.
  • The-J23;528120 said:
    By the way, I'm stealing that picture.
    Be my guest.
  • You wouldn't be the first.
  • MacGyver would be the best choice....after Psych :).
  • MusicallyInspired;527800 said:
    Don't be a dick for the sake of it, StrongBrush. In fact, just don't be a dick.

    Let's all ignore him now
    Go to hell. Everyone is worth listening to in a discussion, be it fools or geniuses, and any attempt to stifle someone in a discussion or ignore them as if you're so much mightier and greater than they are makes you a pretentious douchebag asshole prickidy dickhead, you frakking fricking FUNKSPUNKING CHUNKY SHITEATING PUNK.

    Oh btw, that's me being nice. My mom taught me all my manners, and I'd hate to think you'd want to contradict my mom.
  • He's a troll. He doesn't count.
  • MusicallyInspired;528166 said:
    He's a troll. He doesn't count.
    Once again:

  • MusicallyInspired;528166 said:
    He's a troll. He doesn't count.
    You're on this board and you're not used to trolling by now? This board is filled with trolls who can turn in a normal discussion at the drop of a hat if they feel like it.
  • StrongBrush1;528167 said:
    Once again:


    As I was saying let's just ignore him now...
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