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Opinions of KQ8: Mask of Eternity?

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Personally, I actually really liked that game. Yes it had a bit too much violence, but then again violence was an option in the early KQ games. While KQ5 is my favorite KQ, I wouldn't have minded KQ going in that epic, Arthurian direction. KQ8's story and symbolism is much deeper than any of the previous games, and Connor isn't that bad of a character in retrospect. I personally find it a true KQ game and criminally underrated.
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  • I always strongly disliked this game, not a fan of this 'genre' in general and of course being a KQ game made my impression of it even much worse.

    The controls are clumsy, really long loading times between worlds (where it copies and deletes files)... really annoying game in my opinion.
    And the storyline is very uninteresting as well.
  • Anyone else here like KQ8 and actually consider it a KQ game?
    Personally, I'll go on record as saying I wish the series had continued in the direction of KQ8.
  • No... BUT I do not hate it either.... I didn't like it because it was so different from what KQ was.. the game by itself was OK...
  • I would have liked to have seen some more traditional-type puzzles in it (and odds are we would have had just that if Roberta had had full control the entire time), but it was a fun experience. A little lighter on the combat and a little more on the exploration and it would have been even better. I liked the stray direction myself.
  • Yeah... that is sort of how I feel... if they had tried a little harder it could have been amazing... Keep in mind The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time came out the same year so making an amazing game with action, puzzles, and exploration was not out of reach at the time.

    I know that comparison is a little unfair.. but lets be honest that is pretty much what Sierra was going for at the time.
  • Yes, I liked KQ8 and would have been fine with the continuation of the series as action-adventure. It would have been better as a truer hybrid, with a little more puzzle-solving gameplay relative to combat.

    Third-person games in real-time 3D were still young back then, there was a lot of experimentation, eg. in gameplay conventions and how the user controlled character and camera, etc. KQ8 had some nice innovations in this regard, but also had some flaws. I believe Sierra, if they had continued to thrive, could have contributed to the development of the genre and made subsequent games better, perhaps becoming comfortable enough to bring back some of the earlier KQ "feel" and "lightness" to subsequent games.

    (Incidentally, I feel the same way about Indiana Jones -- I'm glad LA transitioned that series to action-adventure and wish they would continue it.)
  • Actually, if Roberta hd had her full control it may have turned into an Massive Multiplayer Adventure-RPG. Based on some comments she made in interviews. That could have been worse...
  • If you say so. Sierra was always ahead of their time with innovative ideas. Were there even MMO's in 98? There were very very few if any. Which means they'd have no real model to copy from. Which means THEY would have invented what an MMO would be. Which means MMO's might have been much different than the boring talk-man-find-objective puzzles they are today.
  • Ultima Online was king in 98, I think. King of a two-mmo nation.
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