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Do your parents like adventure games?

posted by Leplaya on - last edited - Viewed by 998 users
Now there are times where parents are into video games, however it would depend on which one of course. But does anyone have parents that like adventure games? This is going for outside the box of Telltale's games of course. I know my dad did enjoyed Playing Myst and The Dig once.
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  • Rather Dashing;528826 said:
    My mother?

    She's so out of touch and clueless when it comes to games that she bought a Wii.
    The Wii isn't bad- it all depends on what games she owns for said Wii.
  • Since he got an iPad*, my father rarely touches the computer again. So he might give Puzzle Agent and Monkey Island a serious try one day. But he did show me the nice flash game Samorost 2.

    *or a MacDuff, as I call it. Duff sounds like the Hebrew word for page, and I guess you know what prefix Apple used before they began with the iFever. MacDuff is a character from MacBeth, by the way.
  • Another Jew on this messageboard! Baruch ha ba b'shem Adonai!!
  • My friend's sister has an Ipad with Puzzle Agent, but the rest of her family isnt into adventure games. I do know that she tried getting her mom to play Monkey Island(telltale's game) and she couldn't finish it. She wasn't into pirate games.
  • My dad played the old Leisure Suit Larry stuff back when it was recent. I guess LSL7 was technically the first adventure game I've ever played. Of course, I had no idea how to free Larry from the burning apartment in the beginning, so the genre never caught my interest anymore until I found the old Humongous Entertainment stuff. Or was it the old LucasArts stuff? Can't really remember how I got into adventure games really.

    Now he plays pretty much whatever games I put on my PC, except the adventure games. He played Portal 2, Assassin's Creed games, Fallout games, etc.
  • No. They don't even like video games, though I don't believe either have played one. Hell, my mother doesn't even know how to use a computer(I wish I was exaggerating), as they are pointless creations, and everything should be done by hand, apparently.
  • On occasion but no. Thank you for starting a good topic. Lately I just can't really relate to anyone. Thank you my friend!
  • My dad got me into adventure games when he purchased me a LucasArts tripple pack containing Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle and um, Rebel Assault (not a bad game but an odd third game considering the two adventure titles). Having said that, aside from saying 'I like that game you play with the funny dog and rabbit', he really doesn't "get" gaming and to this day shook his head in a dismissive way and said 'it's a different world' whilst seeing me play L.A. Noire.
  • My parents can't even use the computer!
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