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Evil Dead IV... Is Officially Happening

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Yes, you read that thread title correctly; a fourth Evil Dead was announced recently and has now been confirmed by the B-Movie legend Bruce Campbell, who portrayed the tortured by Deadites (and abused by Sam Raimi) 'Ash' in the first three Evil Dead films.
Bruce Campbell, the legendary B-movie actor best known for his role in the 'Evil Dead' franchise, has confirmed he is to return for a fourth instalment of the cult horror classic. Campbell, who famously played 'Ash' in Sam Raimi's 'The Evil Dead', 'Evil Dead II' and 'Army of Darkness', confirmed the news via Twitter.

Campbell's confirmation came after one fan of the movies tweeted, "I won't believe in a new Evil Dead film until I see it. Or at least not until [Bruce Campbell] tells me to believe in it". Within an hour, the actor had responded in the affirmative, saying, "Believe in the remake, dawg!" adding, "The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell".

It is reported Raimi will write and produce the new movie, but will not direct - his long-time associate Fede Alvarez will instead get behind the camera. Although the franchise only grossed a total of $19.8 million at the box-office, its influence on contemporary horror writers and directors is monumental. -
I know of one fourmite who will be very excited by this news but what do the rest of you think?

Personally, I'm highly curious to see what comes of this development. The Evil Dead movies were some of my most watched VHS tapes during my childhood (I have fairly liberal parents) and I can remember eagerly browsing the shelves of my local indie video store, in the hope of spotting Evil Dead IV in the days of pre-Internet. Now many moons later, it's hard to believe that it's finally happening.

I hope for a return to the horror roots of the series, as opposed to the slap-stick shenanigans of the third entry "Army of Darkness" (aka The Medieval Dead). Although I would like for some of the over the top comedy of Evil Dead II to remain. Something of an inbetween of the first and second films would be my preference. Whatever may end up on screen, it's going to be a lot of fun watching Bruce return to his iconic role*.

* Those three so-so video games don't count.
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