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BTTF The Ride: 2

posted by lukebrynycz on - last edited - Viewed by 6.4K users
OK, so I know this has been discussed a number of times, but surely us hardcore fans can at least get a thread together that's so popular and has such good feedback, that Universal will take it seriously and consider an updated BTTF ride?

The ride was absolutely legendary, and still held its own against the likes of the amazing Spiderman right up until the day that it came to an end. I was lucky enough to experience the BTTF ride not only as a kid, but also in adulthood. I was devastated when I heard the news that it was being replaced. Not only was this ride epic, it was heritage, a true testament to the creaters, Universal Studios, and their park.

This isn't a Simpsons bashing thread by any means. It's a great ride and deserves a place in the park. I have to commend the design team highly, and I'm really looking forward to going on this again when we visit this October, but surely Universal should/could have extended or kept half of the building as BTTF whilst giving it a bit of an update?

It's good that Universal have kept some key parts of the film around the park, but if anything, it reminds me of some of the best times of my life, and that I can no longer ride it again. I guess i'd rather have these bits around for memories than not at all, but it's just a strange feeling.

I'm betting that BTTFs true popularity was gauged from their recent(ish) re-release of the Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Surely they can see that there is still a humongous fanbase for a BTTF attraction? This is the kind of film that gets more popular with age so would be a worthy investment for Universal also.

I'm now 25 so this film came out the year I was born. 25 years later, and it's one of, if not THE best film(s) i've ever seen. Films these days just don't seem to have the excitement of the 80s/90s. They all depend too much on special effects and bad/cheesey acting rather than hard work and a true passion for excellence like BTTF.

I realise this has been done many times on the likes of Facebook and various other sites, but I'm hoping that giving Universals official involvement with this excellent game series, and the huge fanbase here, that this thread can hopefully grow and be highlighted by the developers and mods to the powers that be.
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  • Scnew;520354 said:
    I was on BTTF The Ride in 1999. It was fun. I'd go on it again if I happened to be at Universal and it was there, but would I make the trip to Universal just to see it again? No. I like Back to the Future more then I like The Simpsons (currently anyway) but I would be much more likely to go there to experience something new. BTTF The Ride really isn't that amazing. What age were you when you were on it? I can't really imagine being as enamored with it as you guys are.
    I genuinely would go to Universal when in Florida fan more frequently, even for the old ride. I went on it many times ranging from 10 years old, right up to 23 when it closed so it wasn't just a nostalgic memory form a kid when I wasn't aware of a kick ass ride, I rode as an adult many times and it just got better if anything. With todays technology it would be so amazing and the classics are making a massive comeback from films, to rides, comics etc. I just read on IGN this morning that Ghostbusters were coming back in comic format, it's just a matter of time before a return of a BTTF ride :)
  • All good things come to an end, so I guess that's why the simpsons is still on :P.
  • Alstom1995;520713 said:
    All good things come to an end, so I guess that's why the simpsons is still on :P.
    :D Joking aside, the Simpsons ride is pretty cool in it's own right, but it should have NEVER meant taking down a legendary, heritage ride. Theres' tons of space around that area of the park to have kept it along side Simpsons. Lets see how well the Simpsons ride is doing in a few years time ;)
  • So if season 2 is a no go'er, maybe the continuation is going to be at the Universal Studios parks ;)
  • lukebrynycz;519901 said:
    Perhaps what they mean by 'to be continued' on the end of the series is that.....somebody on March 30th 2007 managed to drive away in one of the rides Deloreans and go back in time to erase any existence of the Simpsons to ensure that the best ride in the world is kept in Universal where it belongs!
    Somebody tried that. It did not work out:
  • Kolzig;517786 said:
    I had fun two years ago in Japan. I went to Osaka to the Universal Studios theme park there and they had the BTTF ride there, dubbed in Japanese but still awesome as ever. I'm really happy that I got to experience it.
    Lucky sod! I'm actually tempted to book my next holiday to Osaka to ride it again. Always wanted to go to Japan too.
  • LuigiHann;523260 said:
    Somebody tried that. It did not work out:
    lol ;) It's almost rubbing it in rather than being a tribute. Same with the car and doc in the parks, but I guess i'd rather have those bits around than not at all.
  • I agree, universal should bring back the BTTF Ride, but better. Like the new HArry Potter Ride. With a new story and a hollagram of Doc. Loc in the Harry Potter Ride with Harry, Ron, and Hermine.:D:)
  • The argument about BTTF's drawing power versus Simpsons is ludicrous. Simpsons has more and it's not remotely close. We might think it's unfortunate, we might think it's terrible, we might think that Back to the Future is clearly "better" than Simpsons as a whole, but as to which one has more current drawing power as a theme park ride, there is no contest at all.

    You'll have a better argument in 50 years, assuming both franchises stop producing new materials. Both will have faded from current popular culture memory and can then be judged more objectively in retrospect.
    lukebrynycz;520019 said:
    ...would give Disney a bloody good run for their money with their new Star Wars attraction.
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