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My Jurassic Park Project: A Fan Made ReMake of the Jurassic Park Film

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I started this a month ago but I didn't post because I wasn't sure how far I would get. But now that I'm sure I will be able to go through with this project I'm confident enough to start a thread about it.

But before I get into it let me say that I’m posting this here in the Jurassic park forums because I feel there are more here who would appreciate what I’m trying to do here. But if a moderator feels that this is better suited in the General Chat area then feel free to move it there.

Okay, So I’m remaking Jurassic Park…. I know!!!! Cool right? But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that many fans have remade Jurassic Park on before. What makes your movie different? I’ll tell you.

1. This is a scene for scene remake. So it will be as long as the actual film. Around two hours.

2. Unlike other fan made films, this will be taken seriously. So no joking around or making it a parody. This is to be a real fan made remake.

3. Getting away from the comedy, I will be making all dinosaurs full size. I will not be using toys or models (with the exception of the really big ones of course)

To give you an idea of how I’m making the dinosaurs, here is a video I posted on of the dinosaur I’m working on now which is the Dilo (spitter) that killed Nedry.

I will also be making full size T-Rex upper body out of paper mache as well as full size raptors. I will also be trying to get the most realistic locations possible to film this. I will be filming in the woods, I will be building my own sets, I will do what ever I can to come as close to the original film.

Of course, in the end it will still be a funny low budget remake of Jurassic Park. But it will be fun and I can’t wait to see the response it gets.

Questions or thoughts? Want to get involved in some way? Let me know what you all think. :)
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  • Your dinosaurs are cool but don't remake the film scene for scene. That movie has been made. Be original.
  • I take that back. Your dinos are bad.
  • Let me start by saying that this is what we had to deal with!!!!

    Uploaded with

    I thought working the dinosaur was going to be bad! That was nothing compaired to the insane about of mosquitos that we had to deal with. In the future, when they find these things in amber, we might just get cloned O_0

    Stick around more photos of us actually filming coming real soon

    Also, I need to fix my cameras internal clock
    HumanToast;529609 said:
    Your dinosaurs are cool but don't remake the film scene for scene. That movie has been made. Be original.
    Don't worry. I'm not going for a scene for scene remake like I original planned. There's a lot of orginal scenes as well
  • wtf that was taken in 04
  • SeanJP;529620 said:
    wtf that was taken in 04
    No, it was taken today. But the internal clock is wrong and we just never fixed it. Any who Production Photos!!!

    That's me on the left and my sister. We're just about to film the Jeep speeding down the dirt road.


    Here's my Jeep with a JP Logo on it. That's my brother in law, Damien, in the back. He helped with the Dilo during the shoot


    Damien with the Dilo head.



    This is filled with very nasty Dilo Spit. lol


    Which was then thrown in James' face. lol


    For the scene when it's walking up to Nedry


    Getting pulled out of a jeep by a dinosaur is never fun


    That's all I can show yall now.

    I know it's not perfect. It's not like I believe this is a big budget movie or anything. lol But we were having a lot of fun and I'm editing the scene together now and it's actually really cool. Not everyone is going to like it. In fact, a lot are going to think it's down right dumb and silly. But I don't care. We're having a lot of fun making this and I can't wait to start filming the scenes Involving the Raptor Pen which is what I'm going to start working on next :)
  • that looks very cool, looking forward to some video :)
  • The dino spit looks nasty; I love it! I'm also pleased to see that you're using an actual Jeep for the film. The dinosaurs look brilliant and I like how you're keeping a tight schedule instead of spacing it out and filming 'whenever you feel like'.
  • waroftheworlds01;523591 said:

    I will also be making full size T-Rex upper body out of paper mache as well as full size raptors.
    You should consider scaling these dinos down to a more manageable size. Know one will be able to tell the size difference if you shoot from the right perspective.

    I'd imagine this would be easier to film, and you'd be saving huge dollars on masking tape. lol
  • Thank you Martin McFly. It was very important to me that the Jeep be an actual jeep. I'm using a Van for the Tour Vehichals sadly, but having at least a Jurassic Park jeep makes up for it I think.

    Jpark 08, after actually using the Paper Mache Dinosaur I've decided no more paper mache. I have some friends on youtube that are showing me how to make some great creatures out of foam so all the other dinosaurs will be made with that. The T-Rex will be as close to life size as possible and by using foam it should make things lighter and easier to use.

    So I have a video here. It's not a teaser trailer or a finished scene. But it is some behind the scenes looks at what we did.
  • Very nice keep us posted.
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