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Telltale at Comic-Con 2011: New video every day!

posted by Shauntron Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
Comic-Con is now! And Alan and I are making videos about it nonstop. I will update this thread each time we put up something new.

Here's what's gone down so far:

Day 0- Alan and I get off on the right foot with a stumbly and poorly planned video which was created in an hour. PERFECT!

Day 1- Alan and I bumble around, check out the sights, and fistbump everyone. Also: Bill Willingham is in this video.

Day 2 - Exhaustion, freebies, Jerry Holkins and a special guest!

Day 3 - AJ takes the microphone and Sean Vanaman had way too much fun last night.

Day 4 - More support from Mr. Willingham and inappropriate humor!

Day 5 - That's a wrap!
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