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Old Games you played that nobody else did

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What games did you enjoy as a kid... or played and didn't enjoy... that it seems nobody else has? We all remember Super Mario Bros. 3, but for people like me there were also games like...


I knew nobody else who talked about this game. In it, you played ZED, a robotic warrior sent to the planet Altile to destroy the Xantho Empire and its alien emperor, Xur.

Gameplay was topdown. You wandered through fields, blowing up areas (sort of like Bomberman except bombs cleared obstructions without huge, towering infernos and you got actual other weapons) and marching against a timer to get a key to escape the field.


Things got really crazy when you had to go underground. Fields were in total black, making it impossible to tell where you were talking. Obstructions went unseen and enemies wandered headlong at you without you having an ability to gauge their approach.

With epic 8 bit music and and NES era difficulty, it was enough to keep my 6 year old hands busy for hours.

Oh, the underground levels had DISTURBING music loops for a child.

Here's a playthrough of the first level...
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