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Stop using so many dishes solve world dish problem?

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dishses to dishes ,DISHES TO DAWN!

Why do you people use so many dishes!? I used one cup all day so far, for my soup, my fruit, all my drinks, all I had to do was rinse it. If I wanted to I could put a pizza in the cup as a cup holder , or a burrito, wash it out, use the same dish all day long. You people waste so much, why not just use one dish.
I think the cup, the right cup is the perfect dish!

One dish is used around here it's thrown in sink, in sink the liquids and food just go all over the place and all over the dishes! Why not just keep one or two dishes out all day instead of using one and then dirting it? Or why not just rinse the dish by hand, put it away? Why do people use 100 dishes during a day to eat bowls of soup!?

Stop dishing it out!

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