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Old Games you played that nobody else did

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What games did you enjoy as a kid... or played and didn't enjoy... that it seems nobody else has? We all remember Super Mario Bros. 3, but for people like me there were also games like...


I knew nobody else who talked about this game. In it, you played ZED, a robotic warrior sent to the planet Altile to destroy the Xantho Empire and its alien emperor, Xur.

Gameplay was topdown. You wandered through fields, blowing up areas (sort of like Bomberman except bombs cleared obstructions without huge, towering infernos and you got actual other weapons) and marching against a timer to get a key to escape the field.


Things got really crazy when you had to go underground. Fields were in total black, making it impossible to tell where you were talking. Obstructions went unseen and enemies wandered headlong at you without you having an ability to gauge their approach.

With epic 8 bit music and and NES era difficulty, it was enough to keep my 6 year old hands busy for hours.

Oh, the underground levels had DISTURBING music loops for a child.

Here's a playthrough of the first level...
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  • Damn. Final Unity drove me crazy as a kid.

    Star Trek put out some AWESOME adventure games.
  • I personally liked Chameleon Twist.
  • wacky wheels

    rise of the triad

    That's probably it...never was hardcore like that.
    Sports was a bigger priority during that time.
  • I loved Crystalis, Bucky O'Hare, One Must Fall 2097, and The Phantom Menace game. Although I loathed the gungan city level in Phantom Menace. I remember there was this one platforming section where Obi-wan had to jump over these platforms that moved up and down for some reason and for some reason I just couldn't get it for ages. I have fond memories of the rest of the game though. My friend and I to this day joke about thinking that Barbo, a random alien from the Mos Espa level, is the most compelling character in the Star Wars canon. Barbo is going as fast as he can!

    Some games for me are...

    Dragon Force for Sega Saturn. Strategy RPG that no one I knew played... very possibly because nobody I knew had a Sega Saturn. One of the few games that I replayed over and over. I beat it at least once with every character and then some. My favorite was the samurai guy because his troops effed up dragon troops.

    Vanguard Bandits for PS1. Another strategy RPG... I really like strategy RPGs. This one was more in the Shining Force/Final Fantasy Tactics vein, except you were fighting in mechs. It had multiple paths and endings and was awesome.
  • It annoys me that I've not been able to get Final Unity running on a modern PC.

    Anyway, old games I played that nobody else did? Depends on how old you mean. Take something like Crime Cities, came out in 2000 I think and the only reason I played it was because I got it free with some hair gel or something when I was on holiday in Cyprus. It's not a good game.

    I did however enjoy Spycraft: The Great Game from Activision in 1996. Still got it too, along with SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour (also from '96) which I only played a little bit then could never get it working again.

    The problem with this is that I can't just go through my old games, I also have to guess which ones other people didn't play. So I could guess with something like Screamer, a racing game from 1995, Schizm(2001) and The Ward (which I really liked when I played it, back in 2000).

    I struggle to remember what I played in the '80s, apart from some of the obvious titles so I'm relying on my '90s games. I seem to recall playing a lot of Psygnosis titles (other than the obvious) such as Ecstatica II (can't remember if I played the first one, I just know that it was creepy and I never finished it) and Pyrotechnica (kinda like Descent but not as good though it's music was awesome).

    There is one more game I can think of and I wasn't going to mention it because I'm sure other people on here have played it but stuff it I will anyway. It was The Feeble Files and I played it for two reasons. One, it was made by Adventure Soft and the main character was voiced by Robert Llewellyn.

    That'll do for now, as I'm sure other people will be along to disqualify these games by having played them themselves and so depriving me of what I thought were unique experiences. I'm going to spend some time looking to see if there are any gameplay videos of Pyrotechnica on YouTube just cause I'm feeling nostalgic.


    These are all DOS/Windows (ok, mostly DOS) games, as I still have most of them so it has been just a matter of looking at my game shelves. I'll actually have to think about console games, but I doubt I'll remember any obscure ones as I tended to gravitate towards the popular titles back in my PS1 and earlier days.

    (Also people referring to the Sega Genesis always confuses me being British and all, and when I remember what they are talking about it just makes me want to shout "it's the bloody Mega Drive". It doesn't really matter though as I've never owned one, only played on a friend's. Same with the Master System. I'm a child of Nintendo, through & through.)
  • haha. I played Billy The Kid and Mickey's 123 too.
  • ShaggE;530007 said:
    ^ Are you 100% sure on that name? My Google Fu is pretty strong (if I do say so myself *cracks knuckles*) when it comes to hunting obscure games, and all I'm finding is a massively shitty emo electronic band with some of the worst vocals I've ever heard.

    ... Oh god, I can't unhear them now. Look at what you did.
    Sorry, I slipped when I was typing. I meant Next Step Mars.
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