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  • I'm waiting for school to start... It's been nearly a year since I've had a collage course and now I'm going into a music therapy program at a 4-year school... can't wait =D

    I'm also going on my yearly trip to see my cousin, it's an 8 hour drive but it's well worth it... Theres also this awesome used bookstore there and I'm looking foreward to browsing their agatha christie, terry pratchett, and dvd sections (I'm kind of hoping they'll have I love lucy the complete series box set, I've been wanting that for awile now...)

    as for movies I'm kind of looking foreward to the new muppet movie, sherlock holmes, and tintin... not to mention the new snow white they just announced coming in 2012
  • I'm waiting for Nan Desu Kan, though as it draws closer, I'm going to be wishing for more time to get ready.
  • I'm waiting for a grant proposal so I have money to go to Boston to research Native American conversion experiences.
  • okay... I totally just lost all interest in the new snow white, I had heard it was going to be a dark twisted version of snow white, but it's going to be a comedy full of fart jokes and princes who lick people...
  • I am waiting for the 6'th of August, where I will finally take an air plane to England.
    So I can finally have a vacation, and spend time with my Boyfriend again. :)

    Cowboys and Aliens, Tintin, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and Guild Wars 2.
  • Diablo 3

    I ordered it a long time ago, and I hope to god that it actually comes out this year.
    Would be nice.

    Star Fox 64 3DS
    Want so badly.

    Dark Souls
    Looks awesome.

    Other 3DS games.
  • I'm waiting for the sweet embrace of death.
  • I'm waiting for new episodes of "The Booth at the End". My goodness that show is intriguing.
  • A lot of things, some that won't happen for years and years. Mainly though for a functional robot, complete with AI, who will be my best friend and-

    Oh. Like media stuff.

    I guess my list includes:
    TRINE 2!!!!!!(<3<3<3<3)
    Diablo III
    Mass Effect 3
    Sherlock Holmes (both the BBC series and the new movie)
    Snuff by Terry Pratchett
    Time to enjoy all of this stuff.
  • For my copy of Catherine to arrive. Horrible trying to avoid spoilers.
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