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Things that never made it into the final product of video games

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I thought it would be interesting if we had this topic. Now whenever a video game is in development, some concepts for the game are often taken out(for various reasons). Although sometimes you see this proposed idea being used for something else. Like for example. Full throttle had this psychedelic scene that Ben would encounter, but Tim would later use that idea for Pyschonauts. So what are video games that had things that wouldn't be in the final product of the game? Now I should mention that this goes for video games OUTSIDE of telltale's games. You can mention the stuff that didn't make it into Telltales games, but try to aim for the other stuff as well.

Epic Mickey originally had three design changes for Mickey. These designs would appear depending how you played the game. Which were Hero, Wastelander, and Scrapper. Gameinformer showed screenshots of both Hero and Scrapper mickey. Although this was cut from the game and was replaced with the guardians tints and turps.
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  • Alcoremortis;530262 said:
    Wait...does quoting it count?
    Considering he mentioned it first, I think that means he has to ban himself....
  • Martin McFly;530366 said:
    -Coins resembled those in previous Mario games and spun around in a vertical position
    Luigi's Mansion 2 will have coins. They look really awkward and I understand why they took them out of the first one.
    -A creepier Game Over screen

    Ohh yeah.
  • Was that rly cut? I herd it was a fake pic and the Triforce was never gonna be an item.
  • coolsome;530468 said:
    Was that rly cut? I herd it was a fake pic and the Triforce was never gonna be an item.
    It wasn't the triforce was in the game it was always on you.
  • Super Mario Sunshine had a few things that never got into the game, even the trailer from E3 has proof of that.

    -Buildings of the Delfino Plaza are different(looks like Nintendo was using Brazil as a reference).

    - The sludge is rainbow mixture than just one color.

    - Barrels are bigger.

    - Fludd has the color white on him(while in the final game he's yellow).

    - Giant sludge monsters(I dont know the name of it, but its safe to say these werent in the final product).

    - Water meter is different.

    Here's a piece of artwork from somebody who worked on Epic Mickey, it was a working design for Thinner Mickey. He has posted other stuff regarding on Epic Mickey on what didnt get into the final product in his Deviantart account.
  • coolsome;530468 said:
    Was that rly cut? I herd it was a fake pic and the Triforce was never gonna be an item.
    Yep, it was cut.

    Also cut from Ocarina of time: permanently smashable pots. As in, you destroy a pot, it stays destroyed rather then mending itself when you leave the room. It was in the Zelda 64 beta, which then was intended for the 64DD.

    @leplaya: The mario sunshine video doesn't work!

    Oh, and Mario 64 at one point had a multiplayer mode featuring Luigi, but it didn't work properly so they cut it.
  • A few aliens in Half Life 1 and 2.

    Say, like Mr Friendly the giant penis that rapes you. (No joke!)

    Or the Immolater, a janitor of sorts. Burning things was his forte. You can see his head in Half Life 2, in Eli's Lab.
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