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I know TTG has no presence at Otakon, an anime convention in Baltimore, USA. But I know a lot of TTG fans like anime, too, so I was wondering- anyone else going this summer? Interested in a meet-up?

I know it's not for a long while yet, but I'm always happy to help people in need of rooms, carpooling and the like. Unfortunately, I don't have any extra room space this year- I'm crashing with friend and co-panelist Xuanwu, who founded the Create-a-Comic project to help improve literacy in schools though giving children comics with the word bubbles erased, asking them to come up with their own stories using the existing art. He just finished his masters and is now teaching in Texas.

Long story short, I got roped into taking the place of KittyHawk as a judge in the Create-a-Comic contest at Otakon this year, and Xu and I are running some ukiyo-e workshops, too- I ran the shodo workshops last year and it was a ton of fun.

So, who's going?
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