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Introducing me!

posted by harrisonpink Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I thought that if I was going to be spending any amount of time on these forums, I should probably do some sort of semi-serious semi-formal introduction so that people werent like "Who's this guy in red replying to my perfectly crafted threads?"

Hi everyone! I'm Harrison Pink, the new Designer / Writer here at TTG! I'm working on the Walking Dead team with Sean and Jake and Chuck and all sorts of other incredibly talented and passionate individuals.

I've been an adventure game fan my entire life. When I was a kid, I told my parents I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up. I guess that sort of came true. My passion was sparked by the Myst series (Riven specifically) to want to create worlds, and to tell a story through environment. Riven is so dear to me that I even went so far as to have a Riven tattoo! (no one can claim I'm not passionate!) Of course, I also grew up playing other adventure games too, like King's Quest and a large portion of the Lucasarts SCUMM-style games.

I grew up in Bermuda, went to school in Canada, and graduated from SCAD in Savannah. I worked in Atlanta for several years making smaller, mostly educational games for kids (something that I was well trained for, after teaching youth theatre for 9 years of summer jobs!), and eventually, by the grace of the heavens, found myself in California working for Telltale Games!

I'm super excited to be a part of not only a company that produces amazing experiences in the style of classic adventure games, but also a team of people that absolutely loves what they do and are so talented at it. I hope to do you all proud!
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  • Welcome to the site!
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Is The Walking Dead your first project, or have you worked on other games by Telltale?
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    harrisonpink Telltale Alumni
    Blind Sniper;530660 said:
    Is The Walking Dead your first project, or have you worked on other games by Telltale?
    WD is my first project at TTG. The rest of the team has been amazing at setting the bar on quality. My intent is to repay them by meeting (or exceeding) that bar :)
  • Welcome!
    You're lucky because I thought you were a new user who haven't seen the "Introuduce yourself" thread and I were almost going to spank you :D ... to death XD ... and then ban you ...
    Sorry about that shameful part (the "baning you" thing, which was really really rude, unlike the whole formal and mature discussion about spanking)
    Some things (Modship power fantasies) are better kept to oneself ...
  • Welcome! Always nice to know who writes which episodes. You should totally go on Jake and Sean's Walking Dead podcast, assuming they'll continue that at some point. Oh yeah, you should totally convince Jake and Sean to continue that thing. And then be a guest on it. I'm rambling. Welcome!
  • Aww. I was hoping for the other kind of Harrison.

    Well lets hope you do a great job.

    And make sure you listen to the little men, big shot.

    As we Wee Free Men! will tear ya a new one if you don't!!
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    harrisonpink Telltale Alumni
    RetroVortex;530668 said:
    Aww. I was hoping for the other kind of Harrison.
    What other kind of Harrison is there? :p
  • Nice to "meet" you... its always nice when TTG staffers participate on the boards
  • Yeah, big welcomes and all and stuff. Although, be warned, 98% of the interesting discussion on these forums do not revolve around the actual games on Telltale, but rather about what GuruGuru is having a sudden craving for or what odd thoughts Doodo has about Human Nature.
  • What a cheerful, enthusiastic, sparkling personality. I welcome you, good sir.
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