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Sam & Max Devil's Playhouse Collector's DVD Doesn't Work

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I got my Sam & Max Season 3 DVD months ago, but I hadn't attempted to play it as of yet, since I was saving it for the last. I was thrilled that it was a hybrid disc, since the Season 2 DVD was also a hybrid and worked perfectly on my PC (it still does!). However, once I insert the Season 3 DVD, my computer goes nuts, slows down unusually, crashes explorer.exe etc. I checked if the disc has any scratches or smudges, but it is clean as a whistle.

Mostly the disc isn't recognized, but when it does the auto-play doesn't work. When I try to "open" the disc, I have to navigate through a lot of non-responsive menus, but when I double-click setup.exe, explorer.exe crashes again.

I tried the disc on my laptop, which didn't recognize it at all at first, but then after my 4th try re-inserting it, the disc got stuck in my laptop's DVD drive (ejecting didn't work). Thankfully I managed to get it out with persistence in hitting the eject button. However, my laptop doesn't show a DVD drive icon anymore, and that icon is replaced by a new hard drive (Q).

I've bought and played all of Telltale's games and I was looking forward to playing Devil's Playhouse. I guess, I will have to download them from "My Games" but I won't be able to to see the Extras (since my DVD player is broken-and I doubt the disc would work if it wasn't). Also, I enjoy playing the games in one neat package.:(

I'm in Turkey, and I had game DVDs like TOMI and Wallace & Gromit shipped here, but it took months for them to arrive. So, I had Devil's Playhouse shipped to my friend visiting the United States, and I got it from her when she returned to Turkey. I'm afraid she won't be making any other overseas excursions.

My PC specs:
Windows 7 64 bit,
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 3.0 Ghz,
4 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT 1GB

Thanks in advance!:)
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  • I would try updating your DVD Drive making sure it's installed with the latest drivers.
  • Well, I tried to update my DVD drive but it seems it was up-to-date already, so I also uninstalled and installed my DVD drive. I changed my Autoplay options so that it would ask me about the options, and now everytime I press Autoplay there are moments when the my computer screen is unresponsive, but a pop-up screen opens up with options to "Run enhanced content", "Run DVD movie", and "open folder to view files".

    Whenever I press "Run enhanced content", there is a lot of waiting and an error message appears: "autorun.exe- Application error- The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000006. Click OK to close the application". I was lucky this time around I guess, since the DVD was recognized by my PC but this is not the case most of the time. I couldn't open the DVD folder this time around, since the window quickly becomes "not responding" and when I try to close it, it restarts explorer.exe. Also, I can't right click on the drive when the DVD is inserted, since the window becomes unresponsive. :confused:

    Running the DVD movie does work though and opens Windows Media Player to play the DVD content that starts with a spoiler warning.

    I managed to open the contents of the folder, but right-clicking or double-clicking any icon makes the window unresponsive. I would be overjoyed if double-clicking setup.exe or autorun.exe worked :)

    Thank you for the idea Icedhope and it seems to have alleviated conditions a bit!
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