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Toonstruck 2 exciting news!

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As you probably remember, Toonstruck was cut in two parts before the release, and part 2 has never been released. Well, now it probably will be!

Keith Arem, a member of Toonstruck team who now owns the rights to it, is considering the re-release of Toonstruck which would include Toonstruck 2, but he needs "tremendous fan support" to justify its release and raise the capital. There's a petition which has already reached the point of 3000 signatures.

A quote from Mr. Arem (you can read his letter here):

While the game was internationally critically acclaimed, the game did
not receive the sales we hoped, and the second half was never released.
Now that my career has developed, I would like to re-release an updated
version of Toonstruck to include the 2nd half of the game (iPad, online,
etc), but I would need tremendous fan support to justify its release. I
am looking for someone to help organize a fan petition to help us raise
the capital to finance the game, so if you know anyone who could help
with this, I would appreciate the assistance.
Another letter from Mr. Arem and a mini-interview with him.

Online Petition:

Official Facebook Group:

Twitter Page:

Livejournal community:
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  • Just read this, after so many asking why a PC version isn't getting released first, Trevor has responded with the following;

    "I'll tell you what guys. Next time I speak to Keith, I will ask him about what his opinion is about adapting the game to PC and Mac computers. Possibly through Steam."

    He also went on to say;

    I forgot to mention, please refer people with questions to this thread. I am unsure of what TS communities there are.
    Thanks Guys!
  • That's good news about a PC port anyway, but why did he have to drop the S-bomb?
  • Is this for real? I got to play the first one now.
  • Never played the first one, though I've been looking for a copy for years. Still, they say that the new version will be an extended version of the old one.
  • PimPamPet;516532 said:
    That's good news about a PC port anyway, but why did he have to drop the S-bomb?

    I've told them several times that would make more sense to put it but they seem to ignore the suggestion. If it goes on Steam it won't sell as much but put it on GOG and they will be surprised.

    Also glad to hear that another fellow 1996 game The Neverhood will also be getting re-released on all mobile formats.
  • Will this also get released for the Ipod touch? or is it too big for it?
  • Leplaya;516612 said:
    Will this also get released for the Ipod touch? or is it too big for it?
    Its coming to all iOS platforms, iPhone/Touch/Pad.
  • Well I really hope that this will happen. I was over the mountain when TT went official with the relase of TMI - waited 15 years for this to happen. And then suddenly SCUMM got Toonstruck working on their latest release. I cursed the day I left win 98 and also the fact that I never understood how to run it on DOS box. But thanx to SCUMM I can relive the wonderful world of Toonstruck. So an enhanced version or even a part 2 would be soooooo damn cooooool!

  • Anyone who is going to Comic Con this week, it Looks like PCB Productions, who are working on TS enhanced, their booth number is 4039. From looking at the map layout too on the website, it looks like their booth is between Funimation and Square Enix booths.

    Hope whoever is going will be able to get a look at it and maybe get some pictures if they can be nice to see how it looks.
  • More news: the Toonstruck 2 fanproject has released a PAK extractor, with which you can find lots of Toonstruck 2 materials ;D Some examples of what you may discover:
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