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Okay, this has been bugging me since episode 5 came out

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I assumed someone else would wonder, but it doesn't seem like it. Maybe i used the search function wrong, sorry!

So, uh, Max is dead, right? why was that a problem? They've been to hell and saved loads of people before, and this time, they're on good terms with satan.

Max would be in hell, right? Unsure if there's a heaven, but he's worse than some of the people that ended up there. He's got his own wing of hell!
Was there an explanation or something? I don't think i've noticed a plot hole, cause satan himself was in the episode for a quick cameo, so I guess that shows no one's forgotten about him.

For that matter, the dead Sam is in his hell, too! Is there the possibility their souls would be monsters? Maybe the monster sam and max could hang out together? bleh, whatever. maybe i'm thinking too far into this.
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  • Sorry if that comes off as rude or something! Just been bouncing in my head for quite a while!
  • No, it doesn't come off as rude, but since you seem to be an infrequent poster- please use the "edit" button instead of making a double post. Thanks.

    Onto your question- who knows where Alt Sam and Original Max ended up? They could certainly be in Hell, or their acts of kindness and self sacrifice could have sent them anywhere on that subway line that we see in 205. Who knows, if they make another season we may even see them chilling out in Hell poking people with pitchforks. Sam and Max have never been ones to not mess around with death or continuity.
  • Satan may have a few things to be thankful for, but in the end he's still Satan. I don't think he's about to let anyone out again without a fight.
    On a related note, Sam may have signed away his soul in 205. In that case his escape doesn't mean he won't end up in Hell again if he dies. And if that happens, would Max even want to hang out in Heaven without him? Questions, questions.
  • I think Max ending up in Heaven would only occur if (a) Sam was there with him. Otherwise, he'd only end up being in his own personal Hell anyway. I say that their reward in Heaven is that both of them become demons and get to terrorize the Hell offices as much as they please.
  • If multiple versions of Sam & Max from different time paradoxes wind up in Hell, no wonder there's a wing dedicated to them. For that matter, where did all the Samulacra/Dogglegangers wind up? And were there a bunch of Max clones (Polylagomorphs?) from the alternative timeline?

    Season 4 - Sam & Max in "Satan Screaming"!
  • Did the dogglegangers have clones?
  • Wow, the clones. Never actually thought about them.

    There's actually a lot of loose ends on this. Maybe if they make a season four, it'll deal with those?
  • My opinion,is that It dosen't really matter because-
    1.this max IS real,he's not a robot
    2.By the time season 4 comes out(if it does)I would have forgotten about this anyway,so I would just treat max like max.

    And I understand that everyone has their opinion, and this is mine
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