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Things that never made it into the final product of video games

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I thought it would be interesting if we had this topic. Now whenever a video game is in development, some concepts for the game are often taken out(for various reasons). Although sometimes you see this proposed idea being used for something else. Like for example. Full throttle had this psychedelic scene that Ben would encounter, but Tim would later use that idea for Pyschonauts. So what are video games that had things that wouldn't be in the final product of the game? Now I should mention that this goes for video games OUTSIDE of telltale's games. You can mention the stuff that didn't make it into Telltales games, but try to aim for the other stuff as well.

Epic Mickey originally had three design changes for Mickey. These designs would appear depending how you played the game. Which were Hero, Wastelander, and Scrapper. Gameinformer showed screenshots of both Hero and Scrapper mickey. Although this was cut from the game and was replaced with the guardians tints and turps.
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