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  • Is anyone else getting this bug on the Playstation 3 version? I am.
  • I am using windows 7 and i have same problem. I can not make anything when i came in that glass house. Admin or moderator or whatever has share an save file but i don't want to skip that place without play. But i must use it for continue the game. I will use it but i want to play that glass hause puzzle. So i am waiting for the patch of the game.

  • And last something: The admin's or whatever shared save file is here !


    If you want to use it, you need the extract the file on your desktop and cut it to "Documents and in to "Telltale Games" and in to "Episode 5" then open the game and continue the game without play glass house puzzle.

    NOT: Maybe you won't open the new game save file in the game. So you should delete your own game save file from your "Documents" !! And try to open new save game..
  • 06farukbaba06;531688 said:
    So i am waiting for the patch of the game.
    There is no "patch" for the game.

    The issue has been resolved, but you have to download the game installer again.

    The updated installer no longer suffers from this bug.
  • Thanks, With the savegame that puzzlebox put in the page , I could fix the bug!. Thanks Dude!

  • i hate buggy games D:
  • this puzzle is SUCKS
  • the zip file (the fix) has a password !!! ;(
  • im stuck in same bug like evryone i play french vertion.
    i downloaded the saved game after the glasshose but i cant semm to get it inside the load game menu....what to do???
    i got so far.this is really frustrating:confused:
  • Where do you have to put that new save? I haven't got a file anywhere saying "Saves" or anything
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