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"Down to the Green" achievement

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
The description of the achievement says "Win consecutive all-ins", but: What is considered as "consecutive"? Do you need to win consecutive hands with all-ins, or it's enough if you win consecutive all-ins, even if there are a few not-all-in-hands between those all-ins?
It counts only when you go all-in, or it counts also when you call another's all-in (and you don't go all-in when doing it)?
How many consecutives all-ins are needed? Must they be on the same tournament?
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  • Javi-Wan Kenobi;407188 said:
    I unlocked as SultS said. I went all-in form the very beginning in two consecutive hands. The other four players fold in each hand (I didn't need to show my cards). I got the achievement.
    Yeah it's unlocking for most people. Unfortunately, not for all.
  • Well, I'm almost done with the achievements! I'm only missing the "Win a hand with a straight flush" one, and it's really hard!! Well, I'll keep playing for that achievement and for the tables and decks, I still have a lot to unlock.
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    I'm pulling my hair out over this one, I have won numerous consecutive all-ins and I'm SOL regarding "Down to the Green" :( Hoping for a patch that fixes this...
  • I wonder if it is the side-pots that are messing this up? I tend to go all in when I'm down, so there's usually a lot of side-pot action. I'll have to give it a try next time I play.
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    Bizarre!!! OK this is what just happened to me...
    I had won 3 consecutive all-ins in my last game but then went on to get knocked out by another reckless all-in attempt with crap cards (that was a few minutes later you understand), I clicked on "deal a new game" but then I immediately ALT+Tabbed out of the game to make the post above and browse these forums (I ALT+Tabbed just as the first player chucked the first bundle of $10,000 on the table). So after I finished browsing and posting, I went back into the game for some more attempts at this achievement. Where is this leading, you ask? Well the instant I went back into the game, a popup appeared "Steam achievement unlocked: Down to the Green" !!! I mean wtf?! I guess I can't complain now that I have it, but this was one seriously delayed achievement which seems to have been bestowed upon me almost at random :confused::confused:

    Oh well, hopefully this may be of some help to others having issues with this achievement...
    PS. The first 2 of my all-ins were immediate all-ins before the flop and was my first action in the round, where all the other players folded after that (so I gained very little money from those). My 3rd all-in was called by Max and it went down to the wire, though I got lucky on the turn and it knocked him out. This was all at "Normal" difficulty.
  • I did an all in, max called I won. The next hand I do an all in, the rest folds. And no achievement. Next hand I do another all in, Heavy calls I win, I get the achievement. Still don't know exactly how you get it, but hey, I got it. Only 4 of a kind and straight flush left. Has anyone got those?
  • Apparently the achievement might be for winning consecutive all-ins when nobody has busted yet. Someone at the Steam forums couldn't unlock it, but it finally unlocked when everybody was still at the table.

    EDIT: Or maybe not. Somebody said he got it heads-up against Tycho...
  • Well, I tried starting a new game and for the first two hand I went all in before the flop. Both times everyone one folded and I won the hands, but still didn't get the achievement. So that blows all my theories out of the water.

    Oh well, not really concerned about it, especially since I still have to get the 4 of a kind and straight flush achievements. They might take a while. :)
  • This is the only achievement I don't have yet I've won as many as 4 showdowns in a row. I've tried erasing all the data and starting over but no dice. This achievement never pops for me.

    It's really frustrating.
  • This (well, almost all of the acheivements) really just depends on insane luck.
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