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TFT3K: Telltale Fanfic Theater 3000

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This is TFT3K, where bad fanfics are mocked by me, Alcoremortis, Remolay, StrongBrush1, Insane Guy of DOOM and various guests!

Upcoming MSTs

Season One:


Episode Two, with guest commentator Coolsome: "Monkey Moon" (a Monkey Island/Sailor Moon crossover fanfic)

Episode Three, with guest commentator Lattsam: "Sam & Max meet Sonic the Hedgehog" (a Sam and Max/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover fanfic)

Episode Four: "The Adventures of Rainbow Sparkle" (a My Little Pony fanfic)

Episode Five: "im nut ok i promiss" (A My Little Pony fanfic)

Episode Six: "Zim born again" (an Invader Zim fanfic)

Episode Seven: A Whole Bunch O' Crap (various fanfics from the Invader Zim, My Little Pony, and Ace Attorney fandoms)

Episode Eight: "IZ interveiw chapter 6/Snape the Bat/SCARY GHOST STORY FETUSING CHUCK NORRIS" (an Invader Zim/Doctor Who crossover fanfic, along with two short Harry Potter fics)

Episode Nine: “Mlp:fim: The Shiping Ship/That Croppy Itching” (a My Little Pony fic, along with a short Sam and Max fic)

Episode Ten: Recap, Part One (A Hangover/Planet of the Apes crossover, along with a Big Bang Theory fic and an Invader Zim chapter)

Episode Eleven, with guest commentator Skepkitty of The Half-World: Aperture Nikki (a Portal fic)

Episode Eleven, with guest commentator Insane Guy of DOOM: Christian Humber Reloaded, Part One (Too many series to list)

Season Two:

Episode One: Invader Zim: Born Again Christian (an Invader Zim fic)

Episode Two: Killjoy Songfics (Two My Little Pony songfics)

Author MSTs(These update with every new chapter that the author makes):

Marissa-The-Writer(a Valve fanfic author), with guest-commentator Tredlow popping in for a few chapters(WARNING: PORTAL 2 SPOILERS)

DBreBre-Z(an Invader Zim fanfic author)

Sue Mary, with guest-commentator Lattsam in the second half(too many series to list)

Peter Chimaera (Too many series to list)

TFT3K Specials:

The Harry Potter First Chapter Smorgasboard, with guest-commentator Lattsam

Solo MSTs:


"Half-Humans" (an Invader Zim fanfic)

“Me in Invader Zim? Oh Kami” (an Invader Zim fanfic MSTd as “Automated TT Submission”)


"It's the Inside that Counts" (a Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic)


"Kimagure Revenge Road" (an Orange Road fic)

"Scanranger" (a Power Rangers/Super Sentai fic)


"Garfield: First Blood" (a Garfield fanfic)

Other Stuff:

Teen Fortress 2 Autocorrected, by MightypirateTM

TFT3K-inspired Total Drama Island fic, by Lattsam
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  • TomPravetz;532204 said:
    Right. I didn't mean it like that. I just can't sit and think "Okay. Gotta say funny things about this piece." Not that it's a bad thing. I wish I could! :P I am just horribly unfunny when I try.
    Again, you DO NOT have to be funny. Just write whatever comes to mind naturally.
  • I'm just reading yours for the first time... xD
  • RingmasterJ5;532205 said:
    Again, you DO NOT have to be funny. Just write whatever comes to mind naturally.
    I tend to write deaths for right after a character does something stupid.
  • RingmasterJ5;532205 said:
    Again, you DO NOT have to be funny. Just write whatever comes to mind naturally.
    I make lame puns and obscure references to things. Which, shockingly enough, is what I do normally!
  • My special talent is Making references to rock songs when the fic reminds me of one, and also pointing out pointless add-ons to the fic.

    Well, that and dying repeatedly, but that's another story.
  • Added new Teen Fortress 2 chapter MST to "Author MST: Marissa-The-Writer".

    Also added "Teen Fortress 2: Autocorrected"
  • RingmasterJ5;532349 said:
    Added new Teen Fortress 2 MST to "Author MST: Marissa-The-Writer".

    Also added "Teen Fortress 2: Autocorrected"
    I take back what I said about not doing the Autocorrected version. This thing is hilarious.

    I especially love the author's note where they go on and on about including porno in the fic, which I guess was the autocorrected "Piro".
  • "The Adventures of Rainbow Sparkle" MST added.
  • Added "Harry Potter First Chapter Smorgasboard" to first post, along with a few more upcoming MST announcements.

    Please vote on which of the Harry Potter fics you want us to finish MSTing.
  • Hmmm. I would like to see you finish Imma Wiserd. I know the first chapter (or the whole fic for that matter) is downright terrible. But if you MST'd the whole of that Portal one, then I don't see why not doing this one.

    Also, I'll send my attempt at an MST soon. It may not be as good as anything you've all done, but it will be fun to try.
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