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Final Fantasy VII

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Somebody I know told me that Cloud's girlfriend was Aerith, although I doubt that. Does anyone know who it is? I dont want to start any trouble. I'm not a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, but can somebody answer this for me?

Edit: I should have been more clearer, I didnt sound like I was. I should have asked who is clouds girlfriend.
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  • Vainamoinen;532241 said:
    A) Who you go out with at the Gold Saucer is not a direct player choice. The game memorizes with whom you've been most friendly with and that's the person to surprise you with a date at the Gold Saucer. I've heard it could even be Yuffie or Barret, but that might just be a cruel internet rumor. :D

    B) The Aerith-Aeris discussion is pretty futile. Japanese does not have the "th" sound, so the English translation from the Japanese letters used an "s"; however, I think I've seen Tetsuya Nomura's original character design with the European letters "Aerith". So it's rather unclear what was "intended", and if there is a "correct" spelling. Funny story: The German version - one of the most horrible translations in the history of gaming - was obviously translated from the US version (!) and used "Aeris". I immediately changed it to "Aerith" back in 1997. So there you have it. :D
    No rumor.
  • Darth Marsden;532225 said:
    If Aeris hadn't died, there's a chance that she and Cloud might have ended up as Girlfriend and Boyfriend. Not that hard a concept to understand.
    Ah. Edited my initial post, and am preparing to commit Seppuku. My shame knows no bounds.

    Anyway. Aeris was what the name was originally translated to, but Square themselves have since changed it to Aerith in various other games - Kingdom Hearts and such. However, there's still a portion of the fanbase who prefer Aeris - myself included - because that's what she was 'originally' called and that's how we remember her.

    Honestly, I call her Aeris because it's easier to say than Aerith and doesn't sound like you have a lisp. Try it.

    ...also, since nobody's corrected me, I'm guessing my initial explanation of things wasn't too far off the mark?
  • I think it might have been worth differentiating when things happened in the movie vs game (such as Aerith and Zack's reunification) but otherwise it seems fine.
  • If I could remember what happened in which medium, I would have done so. But it's good to know I understand the romance part of the plot, if nothing else.
  • Aerith and Zack reunite in Advent Children.
  • I thought they did in a novel as well. Probably wrong in saying that though.
  • If a crossword puzzle clue was "Cloud's girlfriend from FF7," I'd probably try "Aerith" first
  • What I want to know is what went down in that weird gentlemens club place before you meet the Don. A lot of rubbing was involved I know that much O_o
  • That was pretty much gay sex.
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