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Another Sierra series that deserves a sequel/remake

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IMO, the Conquests series (Conquests of Camelot, Conquests of the Longbow) was a really promising, great series that is utterly underrated, and has been kind of ignored (for the most part) by the fans, in favor of the other, more well known series. The Conquests series had a magical sort of feel to them, and walked a fine line between seriousness and Sierra lightheartedness--A good mix of both. Even though they were pseudo-historical fiction, they had an epic sort of feel without being heavy handed or melodramatic.

Conquests of Camelot, in particular, cries out for a remake, done in VGA or otherwise. Yes, the SCI graphics are lovely, but it'd be even better if it was done in VGA or a higher quality format.

And there's always room for a sequel. I had heard there was to be a direct sequel to Camelot planned, but sales were such that the story had to be switched the simpler (in comparison) tale of Robin Hood.
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