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telltale tablet gaming

posted by vikingdt2 on - last edited - Viewed by 153 users
Will any of the telltale games make there way over to the android market?
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  • I would also be intrested in this.
  • Yeah, in just got the new galaxy 10.1 and i would totally buy my games again to have them on android
  • I only buy a few of them if they run on Android 2.2
    (No sense in buying one of the overprized new tablets, when then one I have will do what I want for a few years more)

    I guess Puzzle agent would work really well on a tablet.
    And i would also give tomi a try...but I'm not sure that the controls of tomi would translate well.
    (Mind you it wouldn't be impossible, but I think the controls would end up even worse than on the PC)
  • Considering ToMI & Puzzle Agent work great on the iPad, I doubt there would be any issues with them ported to tablet devices.
  • So are you saying the iPad got a better control scheme than the PC version?

    Because the best I can say about the controls on the PC is: "Slightly better than the controls in EfMI"

    Or: "Those are the second worst controls I have ever seen"
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