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Found deep within the bowels: City Streets 2.0... 1.0 [now with bonus BoscoTech]

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 625 users
Random thing found in my iTunes library: The original scratch track from "City Streets 2.0," the retro gaming cover of the Streets theme, as used in Episode 105, Reality 2.0.

The original arrangements of those cues, the music which plays within Reality 2.0, were a lot more rough, intending to sound more like they came straight off old hardware -- they were almost straight ports of the original scene music over to a chiptune sample bank, so notes hold over each other for too long and sound grossly discordant at times. It reminds me of early adventure games which tried to use the PC speaker for way overly orchestrated sounding stuff. (In the final deliveries, the music was smoothed over and made to sound more like a stylized version of retro game music which fit in a little more with the main game's soundtrack.) The original version is pretty grating to listen to at times (which is largely why it got more stylized in the full game) but is also fun at the same time for obvious reasons. 20_10.mp3
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