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Thank you Telltale!

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This is my first time playing a telltale game, and I'm excited that it's going to be Back to the Future. Really hope to enjoy it today!

Don't really care if it's not released "on time" because hey, I have my own responsibilities so it's okay if I have to wait a few more hours or so. :)
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  • First off let me start by saying I never do or write thank you letters, But after playing the back to future series I have been compelled to do so and could not find a contact email to send this letter to. As a child of the 80's back to the future was one of my favorite movies ever and very dear to me. After playing the series I just cant express how impressed I am and how true you were to the source material..Thank you so much for recreating the bttf world and making a truly great story with amazing voice actors, I hope you do more and Kudos to you all. Thank you.
  • For future reference, Telltale's mailing and email addresses can be found here.
  • hi guys as u may or may not know that bttf the game ep 5 came out for psn in usa last week and it is goin into the store today so i would like to say WOOHOO TELLTALE!!!!! i would like to say good work to telltale because now that bttf the game ep 5 is out that they have finished 4 seasons of games on psn (btw this does not count puzzle agent its only games thats in seasons) they have done sam and max season 3 COMPLETE tales of monkey island COMPLETE strong bads cool game for attractive people COMPLETE and now back to the future the game as of today COMPLETE so great work telltale
  • hey guys ep 5 is now on the us and the euorpe playstation store now im just sittin playin it tryin to get trophys =D only have way throught my first playthrough at the part were hill valley starts dissappering
  • Thank you TellTale for creating the BTTF game! I only saw the movies last year but I have been a fan since then! I am a huge fan of the trilogy and game! Thank you so much for creating the game and God Bless You!!!!
  • I just finished episode 5!

    I just wanted to tell all the Telltale Staff how good a job they did on this one. I was expecting something a bit funnier (after having just played the hillarious Monkey Island series) but you really got the Back to the Future vibe full on. I loved all the little links to the original movies that were inserted everywhere.

    I loved how all the episodes tied in together and made a really interesting addidtion to the original story. Not quite sure I got the ending though. I see the reference to the ending from the first movie, but it was a bit too ectic and all over the place. Still, good job everyone.

    So i'm guessing there's going to be a season 2? I would LOVE to see some foreward timetravel, even though I realize the possibilities for twisted and fun paradoxes are not as easy to make up travelling in THAT direction... Oh well. Let's see some dinosaurs then!

    thanks for providing me with such a good time.

    Keep up the good work!
    Can't wait for Monkey Island season 2 also!
  • I'm glad to hear that you liked it!

    Telltale's praises should probably be put in this thread though. :)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Martin McFly;533560 said:
    I'm glad to hear that you liked it!

    Telltale's praises should probably be put in this thread though. :)
    Markalark;533555 said:

    So i'm guessing there's going to be a season 2?
    They've said they would open to doing another one, but there are no concrete plans for a second season.
  • Hi Everyone.

    I just bought the Collector's edition of Bttf on xmas and I'm enjoying it.

    I would also like to say to the Bttf development team thank you so
    much for making these episodes (1-5) , they are Awesome I played through all of them again and again , I'm just amazed at the storyboard plot and gameplay you guys put into it.

    I wish you guys good luck on your games and hope that whenever you can please make more episodes of Bttf (6-10)

    and when I can get the money I'm going to buy some Sam and Max episodes from you guys. 8-)
  • Strongly agreed! I can't thank you enough for the exciting BTTF game. Its nothing but AWESOME!
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