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Game constantly freezing for 5 seconds at a time.

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The initial problem was fixed, now I'm having another error that I've detailed in my other response to this thread.
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    I believe that you are correct about it being a driver issue. I have seen many threads, on various froms, from several different publishers all describing this problem. The two solutions which seemd to have had some success involve either finding an older version of the video driver or going directly to the manufacturer website and manualy installing the new video drivers along with the corresponding desktop monitors. For myself, I was experiencing these issues until I also installed the Nvidia Settings display moniter. While it is another background app it seems that the newer drivers do not work correctly without it on all systems. The other two options that may be helpful would be to install 3rd party free drivers(This helped me once with my old ATI card as it seems the manufacturers are in no hurry to make sure the old cards are supported), or it may be due to an unclean registry. Lastly it could be a registry issue. If your registry has too many errors in it you can experience some crazy performance issues.
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    I have this problem too and it's driving me insane. It doesn't seem to happen in the demo of Bone episode 2 though.
    Is there still no way to fix this? I want to replay it before playing episode 2 :(
  • Did you try running the game in laptop mode? Try it even if you're not using a laptop.
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    Tried it, didn't help.

    This doesn't happen with Bone ep.2 either.. strange eh?

    Anyway, I also tried rolling back my drivers.. didn't work either.
    I also removed all Bone related stuff I could find in my registry and reinstalled it but that didn't help as well.

    I've tried shutting down every other program running in the background, but it doesn't help at all.

    I also tried running it in offline mode (the demo of course, I can't lauch the game in offline mode without manually entering a code I never got.. check my other thread) but that didn't help either.

    It's totally unplayable in its current state.. it's not fun at all to play a game that locks up every minute or less :(
  • Laffer, please send an email to describing the problem you're having. Include your system specs. It shouldn't be running like that.
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    I'll do that. But just in case anyone with a solution stumbles over this thread, here are my specs :

    Intel Pentium 4 3,4 Ghz
    1 GIG DDR ram
    Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 ( [:-&] )
  • I've had this issue with some other game, and I think it was due to my virus checker interrupting things continually. Maybe disconnect from the net, and try running the game with your virus checker / firewall off and see if that has any effect.

    If so, then there are probably some tweaks / settting in your anti-virus software that can be changed so as not to interfere with Bone.
  • Good point about the virus scanner. Another thing that can cause games to freeze this way is spyware. Have you run Spybot and AdAware lately?
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    I tried turning off my virus killer and disabling my firewall but it didn't help.
    It's been a while since I scanned my PC for spyware, I'll try that now.
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    I had some spyware but removing it didn't seem to help.. oh well it was due time for that anyway.

    But I still have the same problem :(

    Edit - I tried killing every running process Windows would allow (and I mean everything, I don't even have sound now) and tried running Bone. There was an error message that it couldn't initialize sound or something (of course) but the game still ran.. but the bug is still there even with so to speak no processes running in the background (only critical system processes that Windows won't allow me to end).
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