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Eye Surgery: The Report

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For those of you who don't know (or don't remember), I had eye surgery this past May.

I was born with a disease called ocular albinism. I lack pigment in my body. When I was born, my eyes were translucent, and my vision was hovering around 250/20, with glasses affixed to my face. (For comparison, 20/20 is perfect human vision, 50/20 while wearing glasses is the worst your eyes can be and still be allowed to drive. My vision was five times worse than that).

Anyway, as I got older, my eyes did improve somewhat, and when I was in fifth grade my eye doctor had me add in video games as a means f improving coordination and reaction time. It improved to about 100/20, or one fifth of perfect human vision. Normally, this would be considered visually impaired, and not legally blind, but my photophobia (light sensitivity), 150 degrees of deviation (uncontrollable shaking in my eyes) and the fact that I had no peripheral vision meant that I was still very much legally blind. Oh, and I had no muscular control over my left eye.

I just got back from the ophthalmologist, who checked up on me post op. I now have muscular control over both my eyes, only 4 degrees of deviation, and peripheral vision.

Oh, and I'm 70/20 now, and the doctor says I'll probably go to 60/20 by next year as my eyes adjust post-op. I may hit the magic 50/20, and someday be able to drive.

In short,


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