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Where is Wall-E? Identify all the robots

posted by Avistew on - last edited - Viewed by 8.2K users
So, from the whatever thread, someone posted this pic: [CENTER]image[/CENTER]

And we have decided to identify them all and create a list. I'll update the list in the next post (making a separate post for it, so it will be easier to find than in the middle of the post with rules and pictures) and will credit the people who identified them first (not that you get any points or anything. Just bragging rights I guess). Priority goes to the people who named them in the whatever thread to tell me which number is each character they identified. In other words, they're still going to be credited for them even though they gave no number at the time for obvious reasons.

Here is the latest version of the picture with numbers, so you can easily point out which character you mean:

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