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Nintendo 3DS

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Hi Guys

What do you think about the 3DS. Is it awesome or absolute rubbish.

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  • YAY I got my Zelda soundtrack!
  • Elvenmonk;534092 said:
    they do allow for a DS game to run in the 3DS resolution. Also when you add those filters you'll still notice stretching errors aswell. The problem here is people seem to complain about the 3DS running DS games in the 3DS resolution because it stretches them. However people complain about the DS games being run natively because it adds "those annoying blackbars".
    As I understand it, the 3DS merely stretches the regular DS resolution to fill the 3DS screen. That's not running it in the 3DS's native resolution like I suggested, which would avoid blurring AND blockiness. What you're saying is mere upscaling. I'm not talking about that.
  • Friar;534124 said:
    But if I was to, say, emulate a game on my PC, it wouldn't look bad. In fact, as a friend showed me once, the games often look much better. He was running Mario 64 in HD. Given that HD resolutions most certainly weren't programmed into the original game, that upscaling was done by the Emulation software.
    The up-scaling is indeed done by the emulation software, but it does that on a case by case basis. Super Mario 64 is the best or worst example you could give (depending on what you want to show) for the up-scaling, because all N64 emulators are optimized for that particular game, so saying that THAT runs great in HD doesn't mean much. Take a fairly unknown game, and see how that runs in HD.

    Of course you can probably run a game and just tell it that the screen is now larger, and it might give you results, but due to limitations, the assumption that these games will never run on differently sized screens anyway and the attempt to get the most out of the hardware, there is also hard coded shading etc. in this which would lead to ugly results for a lot of games.

    From what I heard, e.g. Wind Waker on the GameCube uses hard-coded pixel for pixel shading for the awesome depth-of-field effect, which would result in a visible grid if you'd simply up-scale it.

    So pretty much the only choice they have is to up-scale the final image, or have black bars, or write an emulator that fixes these issues for every single game that ever existed on the DS, and that's in many ways not worth the effort.

    You could also read this post as an argument why PC games are technically superior to console games, because those ARE designed with such things in mind, at least if programmed well.

    A similar argument goes for the savestate problem you mentioned. And another reason is that a company like Nintendo wants to do their things professional and not just hack stuff in their games, which could lead to potential errors or security leaks for the sake of satisfying a few people.
  • I figured there would be a reasoning as such for the lack of upscaling. I think processing power has something to do with it too, with DS games probably being run by an inbuilt DS rather than an emulator, as emulators consume more resources.

    Meh, it's a relative non-issue for me. Playing with the bars makes it clearer than it was on the DS anyway, so I don't mind. The load times are longer though, which is a bit of a pain. And not being able to switch between screen sizes at will (like you could on the GBA, by pressing l/r). It would have been nice to have the home button do this (seeing as currently it's only purpose with DS games is to close the software. Which can be done by pressing the powerbutton anyway...)

    As for save states, that is essentially what the game suspension feature is in the VC games. In addition to the quicksave from the wii, you have the ability to create savepoints anywhere, which you can load anytime. Although, you are limited to one at a time. Meh, the game's are free (or £80 depending on your point of view), so I can't really complain but it would have been very nice to have them fully fleshed out like other VC titles.
  • So 3DS sales are up 726% since the price drop. I shoulda went and bought some shares when they hit the floor last month like I said I would *grumble mumble*
  • Friar;534152 said:
    with DS games probably being run by an inbuilt DS rather than an emulator, as emulators consume more resources.
    This is confirme true because that's the reason why R4 carts work on the 3DS, because they're running an inbuilt 3DS. However the R4 carts can't run any 3DS games, VC, or anything new to the 3DS. Even the special R4 3DS is the same as an R4/R4i.
  • JedExodus;535658 said:
    So 3DS sales are up 726% since the price drop. I shoulda went and bought some shares when they hit the floor last month like I said I would *grumble mumble*
    The stock is still pretty cheap right now. I wish I bought mine for this low. >_>
  • Full ambassador NES titles are:

    Super Mario Bros.
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    Balloon Fight
    Ice Climber
    The Legend of Zelda
    Wrecking Crew
    Mario Open Golf
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    A very solid lineup there.
    Hopefully those other 5 GBA titles will be good.

    Also apparently they go live 1st September and you have to re-download them via the Account Activity section.

    (Its in the option screen on the 3DS store. Far left one)
  • what're the 5 announced GBA games?
  • Elvenmonk;538540 said:
    what're the 5 announced GBA games?
    So far, Metroid Fusion, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$.

    I really am glad I bought my 3DS. I just hope that the rumors of a new iteration of the design that adds another analog slider and tones down the 3D are just rumors. I think that would be a terrible move on Nintendo's part, especially after already lowering the price.
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